The Truth About Fitness and Nutrition Fads

by bstevens

Without fail, there will always be someone raving about the latest fitness trend that promises to be the answer to all of your fitness and nutrition prayers. I’m serious. Until the earth no longer spins, fad diets and miscellaneous health scams will continue to spread like wildfire.

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Do you want to know what else will continue until the earth stops spinning? The belief that there is an easy, quick, and permanent solution for health and fitness woes. At times, it still blows my mind when I see people continue to believe lies they are being fed; even AFTER they have received training and guidance from certified professionals – and found success!  I always tell clients (or really anyone that asks me how I feel about a new product or diet) that if it was the answer that everyone had been looking for, I would probably be out of a job. Basically implying that whatever they are referring to is just another blip on the heath and fitness radar.

Who knows; maybe you are currently caught up in a web of deception. There are so many sneaky people out there who want to just earn a dollar or 5 million, from preying on those who are desperate for a happier and healthier life.

I could write page after page of scams, lies and trends that have fizzled out through the years – but I will spare you. Here are just a few of the things that I wish people would stop wasting their time, energy, and hard earned money on:


Our bodies are meant to sweat. However, there is a reason God didn’t put us on this earth wrapped in a Hefty bag. You know what I am talking about. Those suits that look like rain jackets that you see people running on the treadmill with? Yep, that’s it. And you may have even been lucky enough to see someone that literally puts a garbage bag over themselves and duct tapes it to their body. (For those of you who are thinking this sounds extreme – you’re right. Yet, it really does happen.)

The bodysuit/garbage bag method has people believing that if you wear it while you workout, you are going to lose more weight. Well, it isn’t totally wrong in that sense. You will lose weight, but it isn’t the weight you are thinking. You are losing water weight. The only way that this (incredibly unnatural) way of sweating is going to benefit you, is if you are looking to dehydrate yourself. Call me crazy, but I don’t know many people who crave the feeling of dehydration. Do you?

Trending Diets

Do you know why they are called “trending” diets? Because they are genuinely just that. They are trending in the here-and-now, and won’t be popular for long. There is a very easy answer to why this is the case. Simply put, we can’t sustain them. Trend diets stay trends because we tend to get bored or we think that we have reached our goal and no longer need to follow the plan. That is FAR from the case. If you lost weight by eating a Paleo diet for 6 months and think that you can go back to old habits, you are sadly mistaken. This is the biggest reason a diet will fail you. The simple solution that people seem to not want to follow? Don’t fad diet! Eat a proper, balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and wash it all down with lots and lots of water!

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