Why Trendy Nourishment Regimens are Not the Answer

by bstevens

Do you want to achieve rapid results in a short about of time? Of course you do! But don’t let the promise of a “quick fix” do more harm than good.

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It’s inevitable. There will ALWAYS be people in the world who want to have a flatter stomach or less jiggly arms and thighs. Being as that we are in the prime time of Spring Break season and just a few short weeks away from constant lake and beach events, everyone wants to look good in their bathing suit!  So, with such a short amount of time to get ready for all the fun, what do most people do?

You guessed it. Dieting. They go on some wild and crazy diet and end up falling off the wagon about as quickly as they hopped on it.

Fad diets will be around as long as people are overweight and unhappy with themselves. For those of you who are not exactly familiar with the phrase “fad diet”, but have now gained a sudden curiosity behind its meaning; a fad diet is a specific diet that comes around and presents itself as the holy grail of weight loss solutions. It’s advertised as the answer to all of our weight loss prayers. It’s what we have all been missing for years and will undoubtedly be the end all of each and every fat fighter’s agony. Fad diets are diet trends, sworn to be the number one answer for dropping pounds in record time. Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Zone and even the Cottage Cheese Diet are just a few of the biggest “answered prayers” in the fad diet world.

You may be reading this and thinking, “Dang, she sure seems to have quite the sour taste in her mouth for diets.” Well, you’re absolutely right my friend! The reason why I, as a Personal Trainer and advocate for healthy lifestyles, don’t promote or support fad diets is pretty simple:


Now, for those of you saying, “That’s not true! I lost 5lbs on my diet!”; let me explain myself. If fad diets were the answer to all of the worlds weight loss problems, the gyms would not be in business anymore, nutritionists would fall to the wayside and I would be out of a job because my profession (along with many others) would have become extinct.

The average dieter will gain back 1.5-2 pounds a week after going off of their diet plan. An even more unfortunate statistic is that 65% of dieters quit their weight loss regimens within only a year of participation; while only 5% of dieters will keep their weight off permanently.  For those of you on a diet, you’re probably thinking one of two things. You’re thinking, “Wow, those are some really discouraging statistics.” Or, “That’s not going to be me. No way! I am too dedicated.” I am not here to tell you that you won’t be part of the 5%. I am merely here to tell you that if you find yourself part of that 65%, there is a good reason. That reason? Diets don’t work because they aren’t a long term lifestyle alteration. Diets are just one of the many advertised “quick fixes” everyone is looking for. This quick fix is just a scam that the health food industry uses to prey on those that they see as lazy, weak and vulnerable. By eating off of their list of diet plan approved, prepackaged foods, you are restricted and limited. When you become limited you become impatient and decide to give up. Those 8-10 pounds you lost by just eating their food for a few months, will come back in half the time it took you to lose them in the first place. Yikes. Talk about discouraging.

Dieting is not a way of life. The true answer is lifestyle change. Make continuous healthy choices throughout your days and you are bound to be successful while looking and feeling your best. If you can’t see yourself doing something continuous, every day, for the rest of your life – then it’s probably not going to give you your desired long term results.

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