How Necessary are Vitamins and Supplements for our Health?

by bstevens

Will vitamins and supplements help you meet your physical goals or are companies just trying to “sell health”?

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If you live in modern society, you aren’t foreign to the vast amount of vitamin and supplement shops. They are on every corner. You can’t walk in the mall or just up the street without seeing at least some advertisement for one that happens to be close by. But…why?

Why are supplements and ancient herbs and vitamins all over the place? I mean, celebrities are endorsing them and being endorsed by them. You almost can’t NOT see something along those lines, each time you get on any of your social media accounts. You know what I’m talking about, it doesn’t even have to be a celebrity. You have probably seen the fitness models of the internet promoting the latest supplement. So the question is, do we really need these vitamins and supplements to meet the physical goals we have set for ourselves?

The answer? Yes and no.

How’s that for confusing? Truthfully though, it’s the best answer I can give you. You see, vitamins are NOT necessarily something we need to take each day. Why? Because for those of us who eat properly, exercise routinely and get outside in the sunshine, we get the daily essential vitamins that our bodies need. However, those who live the opposite type of lifestyle are at risk for a deficiency. One common deficiency for people who eat a lot of greasy snack foods and an insufficient amount of lean proteins is an iron deficiency. Or someone who doesn’t consume enough dairy can suffer from a calcium deficiency that can cause a decrease in the strength of your bones.

Supplements are a different story. Many people in the health and fitness world like to push their particular brand of supplements. Most of the time when they sell those supplements, they keep a percentage of the money earned from the sale. These supplements are normally things like creatine, fat burners, etc. None of which any human actually NEEDS to achieve a healthy and lean figure. Did you know that if you start to take fat burners and continue on with them for an extended period of time, your body actually becomes dependent on them to aid in any type of weight loss? Why? Well, fat burners don’t live up to their name and just incinerate your body fat. No. What they actually do is cause your heart to race and suppress your appetite by causing your brain to think it isn’t hungry. Unfortunately, once your body is no longer taking in a fat burner or any supplement for that matter, your results are no longer as “great” as they were during the time you were supplementing.

Your body learns to depend on the supplements. Without them, it is like it is almost lost and has to learn to refunction again. So if you stop supplementing and begin eating poorly again and stop your exercise routine, you become at risk for DOUBLING the weight that you lost. That’s right. You can gain all that weight back and even a little bonus weight! The one time you don’t particularly want a bonus or anything extra, am I right?

When all is said and done, if you want to use supplements or add them into your routine, educate yourself first. Don’t base your decision off of a picture of a girl or guy in a bathing suit that was holding a bottle of some kind of magic something, as you scrolled through your Instagram feed. If you eat properly, stay active and get out of that dark house away from the TV and out into the sunshine, you will be living a much happy and healthier life and will NATURALLY be provided with all of the vitamins and minerals you need.

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