Why Do So Many People Seem to Loathe Cardio Work?

by bstevens

Do you fall into the “cardio haters” category? Let us help change your mind!

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Thousands and thousands of people just can’t stomach the idea of cardio. They just absolutely hate it. Of course, there are some that fall into the “meh” category. You know, the people that just don’t seem to care either way. But why is this the case? Why are there so many cardio haters out there? 

They Don’t Know Where to Begin

There is a sign on the front of the doors as you walk into our gym that reads, “Showing up is the hardest part.” It truly covers a multitude of issues people have with heath and fitness. When asking new gym members why they decided to come in, the most common response is, “ I didn’t know what I should be doing and I guess I just felt like I needed some help; someone to just tell me what to do.”   

Asking for help is flat out hard. I get it. You don’t want to be “that person”. After joining the gym, many people get in the doors and think, “Mmk. I’m here – now what?” So, what they often do is head straight to the cardio deck. Why? Well, the machines provided on the average cardio deck mimic everyday, familiar movements. Since walking leisurely and pedaling a bike are pretty mundane, people flock to those pieces. They figure by using this equipment, they are least likely to mess up or embarrass themselves.

Fast forward after a month or two of using these same cardio pieces over and over… they become bored, get discouraged, and quit. Cardio has then gone from being the most understood and familiar part of the gym, to the most repetitive and non-result driven exercise method. It becomes a dreaded chore that no one wants to do.

They Believe it will Destroy Their Muscle Mass

Look, under normal circumstances this isn’t the case. The only way you are going to destroy your muscle mass is if you are choosing to do excessive cardio and eat a poor/minimal calorie diet. Once your body has run out of fat to feed off of, it then turns to muscle for its source of energy consumption. Excessive cardio at this point, isn’t going to keep you in shape and healthy. Instead, you’ll end up weaker and unhealthy.

Effort is Involved

That may sound a little aggressive, but it really is the truth. You’ll see people joking around by posting memes about cardio on social media or wearing shirts that say something like, “cardio is hardio”. Sure they really are funny, but in truth they depict how many people feel about the subject.

Many people don’t want a thing in the world to do with exerting any type of energy into weight loss or health maintenance. These are the same people you may find shopping for pills and supplements online at 1:30am. Supplements that claim to be the end all for all the body fat woes. You know what I’m talking about; the people looking for that instant gratification, zero physical activity type of weight loss. If you’re considering this route at all, let me save you some time…

Just don’t. A crash and burn that is fueled by frustration, tears, and discouragement is all that you are going to experience. You know that feeling you get from completing a grueling task at work? That feeling of “Yes! I did it!”. Well, imagine that feeling times 100. It’s the best feeling of accomplishment you will ever experience. Dominating heath and fitness goals will put you on a whole new level of proud.

They Think of it as a Punishment

You may laugh at this point, but it’s honestly so common. People often tend to associate cardio with times in their life that they would rather not remember. Times like in P.E. Class, when the teacher/coach would tell you to warm up by running 10 laps around the entire gym. Maybe it was from a time when their high school sports coach told the entire team they were going to do suicides until the sun went down, because of something you did.

See what I mean? Those are just a couple of examples of that particular point, but I am willing to bet that you can relate to one of the two. No one wants to be mentally flashing back to a time in their life where they were feeling sick or dreading an activity.

Whatever your reason for being anti cardio, we understand. However, it doesn’t have to be something you decide to completely write out of your life. In fact, we all need some cardiovascular efforts to keep us at our best!

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I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.