Learn 3 Ways to Sculpt Abs Fast

by bstevens

Get your six-pack faster with these guaranteed methods.

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You may be one of the many people that see the title of this article and are quick to think I am going to give you a new found drink mix or pill that is going to chisel your stomach area, from the inside out. Spoiler: This article is NOT going to provide you with that. However, I will be informing you of 3 guaranteed methods that will get you on the fast track to having those beach model abs in no time!

1. Cut the processed snacks out for good.
Many people like to say that you can have these kind of snacks “every now and then” and it won’t cause you any harm. Wrong-O my friends! More commonly than not, “every now and then” turns into every week, then every day. Getting them gone for good is your guarantee to achieving the body you want. You know that expression, “You are what you eat?”, it’s really not just a funny way to express bad eating habits. It honestly portrays reality. If you eat something that is loaded in fat and gooey garbage, you are going to turn yourself into, you guessed it, FAT GOOEY GARBAGE! Do yourself a favor and say good bye to the morning donuts, gas station snack grabs in the afternoon and your easily accessible drive-thru dinner plan. Keep your eating clean, neat, vibrant and you will embody all those things!

2. Don’t overwork your abdominal region.
To clarify, I didn’t say not to work your abs – I simply am asking you not to OVERWORK them. There is a big difference. Overworking the area is going to stunt the growth of the muscles. When you workout, you are straining and making tiny micro tears in your muscles. When that occurs, the recovery process is going to include the muscles fusing back together, stronger than they were before. That being said, you’ll notice I used the word recovery. Recovery time is MANDATORY for muscle growth. If you work a muscle constantly and do not give it a rest or recovery period, it will stay fatigued and limited in its strength abilities. Basically, you are doing yourself much more harm than good if you are constantly working your abs each day. Give them a break by resting for 24-48hrs, basically every other day is the time frame you want to work towards.

3. Get your rest.
Resting is a necessity when it comes to achieving a good looking bod. Now, I’m not saying I want you resting your life away on the couch each day, I am just implying that sleep is a major factor in your best body! By staying tired, you become lazy. When you become lazy, one of two things happen. Your brain is so worn out, that it tells your body it isn’t hungry and thus your body holds onto the body fat it already has since it doesn’t know when it will eat again. Secondly, when you become lazy, the majority of us tend to make poor eating choices. This will cause an increase in weight. By getting a good night of sleep and waking energized and refreshed, you are starting your day off by feeling confident, happy and clear minded. This will in turn cause you to make MUCH better decisions through your day, as opposed to going through your day like a dreary zombie version of yourself.

There you have it, guys! Cut the crap, don’t over work yourself and get some sleep! It’s pretty simple – not a challenging concept to grasp. If you follow these 3 guidelines, I GUARANTEE you will be ahead of the game when it comes to getting the body you want!

Also, don’t forget about the ab sculpting benefits of CORE class. Not only is CORE class great for sending you in the right direction for a sexy mid-section, but it is a class that covers a multitude of areas. The overall core of your body is gradually strengthened and toned as well!

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I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.