Get Informed About Fats

by bstevens

Some fats actually promote good health. Learn how to choose healthier forms of fat and consume them in moderation.

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Fats get catch a lot of flak from us in the health world, most of the time for pretty good reason. For most of us, the word fat immediately invokes an image of a big, gooey, yellow ball of mush. We think of the stuff that sits on our hips, thighs and waist line that we want gone. But did you know fat has various forms. It isn’t only the ugly, unappealing stuff under our skin that causes us to not fit in our clothes right. In fact, fat can come in many different styles!

Fats can sneak into our food in ways you never imagined. To understand how to spot the bad fats, we need to get to know the different types of fat. They can be hidden under the cover of many different names. Below, I have listed the 3 fats that appear in our foods and where they can be found. I also have listed the pros and cons of each!


What is it?
Trans fats normally start out in a liquid form and more commonly than not, end up having hydrogen pumped into them to change the consistency and volume. Vegetable oils are the main source of this type of fat. These fats can go back to liquid form at room temperature.

Where is it found?
Processed and altered foods. Foods like margarine, buttered popcorn, biscuits, cakes, pies and creams all contain trans fats.

Is it good or bad for me?
Stay as far away as you can get from Trans fats. These fats are the main culprits for heart disease, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, bone disease and heart attack. The answer? Bad for you-most definitely.


What is it?
Saturated fats come primarily from animals. The literal body fat of an animal is what makes up the saturated fat content that goes into our foods. Animals also give us dairy, which contains saturated fat as well. These fats are normally solid at room temperature.

Where is it found?
Like I said above, you can find these fats in the foods we eat that are sourced from animals. Things like beef, pork, butters and cheeses contain a large amount of saturated fats.

Is it good or bad for me?
Saturated fat is a very big cause of artery clogging and heart disease as well. This fat will gradually build up as a calcified plaque in our arteries and then will quickly lead to a heart attack due to the build up blocking blood flow to our hearts.


What are they?
These fats are primarily liquid at room temperature and are sourced from animals and plants. These fats are considered to be the “healthy” fats that are good for our hearts, minds and bodies.

Where are they found?
The plant life that naturally have poly fats in them are things like nuts, corn, soy beans, sunflower seeds, peanuts and avocados. Animals of the ocean like tuna, crab, swordfish and salmon are also poly fat sources.

Is it good or bad for me?
Just like anything, too much of something can still be bad. Although these are considered to be healthy fats, they still need to be consumed in moderation. The benefits of these fats are that they can give us strong and healthy hair, skin and nails. They also are great sources for energy.

Make sure you read your food labels! You want to feel confident in the choices you are making when it comes to the things you are putting in your body- especially the ones that contain fat!

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