Comprehending the Complex Core

by bstevens

You may think that having a ripped six-pack is the definition of a good core, but that is only part of the story…

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If I asked for you to define the word “core” for me, could you do it? Lets give it a shot – in terms of health, fitness and anatomy, define the word “core.”

Got your answer?

Well, if you said abs, you’re right.. ish. If your answer was the middle region of our bodies, you would be much more on track. No “ish” for you – congratulations!

The muscles that make up our core are:

  • abdominal wall
  • obliques
  • pelvis
  • lower lats
  • lower back

(CLICK HERE for a visual of the core muscle region.)


According to, the following are definitions of the word “core”:

  1. of central importance; basic; fundamental/the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.
  2. noting or relating to the muscles of the torso/the muscles of the torso, which provide support for the spine and pelvis

Our core is genuinely at the top of the chart, in terms of important regions of our body composition. When it comes to long term physical health, our core region is one of the most under trained areas. I can’t even begin to tell you how many of my clients that are absolutely dumbfounded when I have them do balance and stability training. They look at me like I put a magic spell on them.

I always begin my balance training in phases and the first phase is always a test of stability on one foot. I ask everyone to stand on their left foot only for 5 seconds and then their right foot for 5 seconds. At no point can the opposite foot touch the ground, nor can they use their hands to steady themselves.  

Give my 5 second balance test a shot sometime. You may be incredibly surprised at the outcome…

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