4 Intriguing Truths About Your Mid Section You Should Know

by lculberson

Fat likes to most commonly establish itself in our mid section. We have been lead to believe a lot of crazy things when it comes to abs, but I’m here today to give you only the facts about getting the mid section you want – the right way!

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We also are constantly given conflicting information on how to do all of those things or why they happen the way they do. I hate that kind of stuff, y’all. I can’t stand when someone is very vague on a subject that I am desperately trying to have answers for. That being said, here is MY version of a very transparent presentation of some facts regarding our stomach region:

FACT: You can eat your way to a flat stomach

Many people get confused when they hear this, due to the jaded view a lot of people seem to have on the word “eat”. Eating is not bad, you guys. Overeating – now that is where you run into your problems. If you eat a proper, clean and nutrient-filled diet daily, that is the suggested amount for your body and lifestyle – there will be no worries! Fatty foods will give you a fatty build up all around your body.

FACT: Some ab exercises aren’t worth your time

There are a lot and I really mean A LOT of abdominal exercises. However, the ones you are doing may not be what is best for the goal you are trying to reach. Some of them may even be causing your body long term damage. For example, if you have lower back pain when you do sit-ups…STOP DOING THEM! Don’t fight through pain. It will do you zero good in any aspect.

FACT: If you don’t change your workout routine, you won’t see results

If you think that you can do the exact same exercise routine and see extreme changes, you have lost your mind, friend. The expression “too much of a good thing can still be bad” applies here perfectly. Keep variety in your core routine and stay consistent.

FACT: You shouldn’t train your abs every single day

Your stomach muscles need time to recover just like any other muscle in your body does. They aren’t any different. Overworking muscles will cause them to stay fatigued, thus causing no growing or strength gain. Give your muscles a 24-48 hour break after strenuous work.

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