3 Ways You Are Putting Yourself In Fitness Danger

by bstevens

Don’t risk serious injury while striving for peak fitness. It’s not worth it!

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There are many things I see being done in the gym that make me want to scratch my eyes out. Things that make me think, “HOW could that possibly even feel like a natural movement?” Don’t hear me wrong, gym staff members are not just eyeballing your every move in the gym – that’s not the case. For me, situations just tend to fall in my lap every now and then. So let me be clear – I don’t ever intentionally try to find something one of our members is doing wrong just to poke at them.

I just hate seeing someone put themselves at risk. Especially when they are trying to challenge and better themselves. There are many different ways to put yourself at risk in the gym. I want to share with you some of the most common I have witnessed personally. Take a look below and see if you can relate to any of these…


Choosing random exercises as your workout routine is at the top of my list for a reason. I can’t tell you how many times I have found printed out papers left in the bathroom or somewhere on the weight floor, that have workout routines on them. Many are routines that aren’t even put together by someone who is certified to do so. Are you curious how the danger comes into play here? It’s when you are doing an exercise you downloaded by some internet person – that has no credentials – and you end up hurting yourself. You blow out your knee. Why? Because you are following the workout routine of someone you have NEVER MET. Now had you worked 1 on 1 with a certified Personal Trainer, they would have asked if you had any physical limitations. You would have then told them you have weak ankles that cause you to have bad balance sometimes. But alas, you didn’t do that. So you attempted to do a jumping split lunge on the dome side of a Bosu ball. If you talked to a Personal Trainer, they could have prevented you from your (more than likely) forever knee issues.


I’m a cardio fan. I like hiking, I like walks out by the river, and I even enjoy extensive runs on the treadmill. However, I developed some pretty severe knee issues from  my younger years that were spent on a hard tennis court surface. The impact from constant quick footwork on that hard surface finally caught up with me. I have had to learn that just because I enjoy cardio, it doesn’t always mean I can experience cardio in the ways I want to.

I have had clients come to me for their PT session and tell me that their knees are killing them, so I need to stay away from working their legs. When I ask them why, the response is normally something like, “I was doing cardio and it started hurting really bad, but I wanted to finish because I didn’t have that much time left.” Guys, please don’t do that to yourselves. Not only is it just wrong, but it is going to cause you joint damage down the road like you can’t even imagine. Don’t make older and wiser you pay for the mistakes of younger and extra headstrong you.

Proper Form

THIS MATTERS! Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise. It matters for a multitude of reasons, but I’ll just give you a couple to get my point across. For starters, if you don’t use proper form in your workouts, you are putting yourself in harms way… willingly. It’s like you are knowingly setting yourself up for potential physical danger, but you “might” still get the same results if you cut a few corners. That leads to my second point, which is you won’t get the results you want if you have poor form. When it comes to exercise, you get what you give. So if you are giving 50% in your exercises by having crappy form, you’ll be lucky to even get a result that looks like 50% achievement.

Stay clear of fighting through pain, internet “trainers” that don’t know your physical limitations, and always take the time to do your exercises flawlessly. These 3 things will make a huge difference in the type of success you have in the gym and dangerous situations can be avoided all together.

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