3 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded “Food Coma” this Holiday Season

by lculberson

It’s time to pull out your eating pants – the holidays are almost here!

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Of course I am a trainer and by default obligated to tell you to avoid the unhealthy foods. But you know as well as I do when it comes to holiday food, I shouldn’t waste my breath. Good luck to us saying a big N-O to home cooked, comfort foods. I’ll be the first to say that you’ve lost your mind if you think I won’t throw elbows to get to my Grandma’s macaroni before my cousins. Oh, and you have gone off the deep end if you think I won’t be eating my Nana’s chocolate pie until I just can’t see straight from a sugar high.

Getting to eat the foods we only see one time a year while being surrounded by the people who love us the most is one of the things we most look forward to at the holidays. Good food and great family is what the holidays are all about. That doesn’t mean that you need to feel like you swallowed a gallon drum after each meal. Use these 3 tips to avoid the misery of the food coma and overeating this holiday season!

1. Opt out from the store bought foods.
Wheat thins with sliced cheese, iced cookies, and candy coated nuts are NOT worth eating. No way! If you are going to eat good food over the holidays, eat like you really mean it! Don’t waste your calories on all the processed, prepackaged junk. Heck no! Your family members worked long and hard to create a meal for you to enjoy. More than likely it isn’t the healthiest of foods, but this is the one time a year you get to enjoy it. So don’t fill yourself up with crap you can grab off a shelf any time of the year.

2. Keep healthy prepared meals in your freezer.
There isn’t a person that I’ve come across who wants to stay home twiddling their thumbs on their couch this time of the year. No way, they all want to be involved in festivals, shopping, travel, and light shows. During all this on the go fun, you still need to eat! This is really where weight can start sneaking up on you. Instead of grabbing gas station snacks and fast food, keep healthy meals that are prepared ahead of time in your freezer. You can remove the frozen items as your day begins and have them thawed and ready as you move throughout your day!

3. Calm down with the condiments
You might not be able to control the foods that your family prepares over the holidays, but you can absolutely control what you add to them! If you are going to eat a dinner roll, don’t slather it in butter. If you want mashed potatoes, don’t shower them with gravy. If you want pie, don’t drown it in whipped cream or ice cream. Leave your food as is. You really won’t be missing out on anything but the calories when you nix all the extras.

Keep these tips in the back of your head over the next couple of weeks as we prepare for Thanksgiving. I’ll be thinking of you all while enjoying the dressing I get once a year! Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving! See you all in the gym shortly after!

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