3 Things That Happen to Your Body During Cardio Work

by bstevens

Have you ever wondered what REALLY happens to your body internally when you engage in a cardio workout?

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It seems like a question that could be answered with minimal effort, right? I mean, when the average person thinks of cardio, they think of maybe running, heavy breathing, and definitely getting sweaty. Even though cardio workouts are all of those things, that list doesn’t portray what is happening to us internally. With all that hard work you are putting in, wouldn’t you like to understand what is REALLY going on with your body? Take a look below at 3 of the things that happen to your body during cardiovascular work.

1. Heart

During cardiovascular activities, our heart rates increase to circulate more oxygen throughout the bloodstream at a much quicker pace. The more regularly you engage in cardio work, the better your heart becomes at the whole oxygen circulating concept. As you progress, you will gradually realize that you can workout harder and for longer periods of time.

2. Muscles

The majority of your lower leg muscles are engaged and active during cardio activity. For example, if is has been awhile since you have gone for a run, you may notice afterwards that your calves are crampy, your butt is sore, and your hamstrings and quads are screaming from just about any normal movement. You may wonder why I didn’t name your shins in that list of sore parts. Truthfully, if you are running properly and wearing the correct footwear, you shouldn’t have to worry with having those miserable shin splints. Also, if you find yourself running on your heels, your shins will absorb that impact. Pay attention next time you do your cardio work and try to remember to land in more of a “mid-fore foot” kind of step.

3. Mood

Have you ever noticed that if you are in a bad mood when you go into the gym or outdoors for a run or light jog, you don’t end your physical activity feeling that way? Cardio is one of the BEST forms of relief for stress, depression, anxiety, and emotional pain. Why? Exercise in general, releases “feel-good” brain chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins can reduce the chemicals in our immune systems that cause depression.

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