3 Surprising Reasons Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail

by bstevens

Resolutions are tough and here’s what you can do about it!

Written By Special Guest Blogger Skip Johnson, Gold’s Gym West Georgia VP of Operations

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Over the years at Gold’s Gym, we’ve been able to help thousands of people with their New Year’s resolutions, and when they reach those goals it’s often a powerful, transformative experience for them.

However, sometimes people don’t reach their goals, and when they don’t, we can typically trace back the reason to violating one of three significant principles. Let me share those with you so that you can stay ahead of the potential problems, and achieve success:

1. Lack of focusing on the “real” reason for the resolution. Yes, everyone has a “goal”, but the important question is “What is the goal behind the goal”? For example, we may say we want to lose weight to feel or look better, but the reality may be that we are tired of being teased or tired of being self-conscious about our weight – or we may be tired of being tired! When we tell ourselves the truth and focus on what it is we’re really trying to accomplish, the passion, resilience and commitment go to a whole different, more effective level.

2. Lack of patience. When we begin a resolution, the trait which is quickly challenged – and the one which gives us the greatest opportunity for personal growth – is our patience. We would do well to remember that obstacles will come up almost as soon as we set our goals, and overcoming these obstacles will require extraordinary patience. If we will be keenly aware, we’ll see that New Year’s resolutions give us the opportunity to cultivate this patience that will not only help us with our fitness goal, but will strengthen our will in dealing with almost every area of our life.

3. Seeing the journey as daily drudgery, instead of a great game. The more we look at our obstacles as painful problems, as opposed to finding the fun and challenge in overcoming them, the more pressure we put on ourselves and the more adversarial our obstacles become. Consequently we see more and more conflict around us, which leads to more stress, which leads to us wanting to “escape” as quickly as possible – so we quit. Seeing the journey as a great adventure leads to creativity, enjoyment, and a more sustainably relaxed attitude.

So, as each of us begin our resolutions, let’s keep these keys in mind and I’ll bet we’ll each find they unlock the door to a brand new, powerful potential for achieving our goals.​

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3 reasons why resolutions fail


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