3 Encouraging Traits of a Gold’s Gym Group Fitness Instructor

by bstevens

It’s no secret that working out in a group setting can give you an extra ‘push’ to help you meet your goals. Let’s learn a little more about the amazing people leading the way in group fitness.

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You have probably heard their voices blaring out of the Group Fitness rooms or you have even more likely seen them in front of the classroom doors, chatting it up and laughing with members before class. Who am I talking about? Some of the greatest people that make the Gold’s Gyms of West Ga the gyms they are – Group Fitness Instructors!

If you have been thinking about taking a Group Fitness class, but haven’t quite taken the plunge, let me give you some information about the people on stage. Read below to learn some facts about some of the hardest working people in the fitness industry!

1. They Create A Sense of Community
If you are hesitant to try a Group Fitness class because you are scared you won’t know anyone, or that everyone will stare at you and not talk to you, think again. Group Fitness classes are the greatest place to make friends! The ring leader of this friend group, if you haven’t already guessed, is the Group Fitness Instructor! They are the ones who make you pair up at times, mingle with you before class, introduce you to long time class members, and ask about your weekend and family. All of this because they genuinely care! Group Fitness Instructors provide not only a sense of community for their “students”, but even better, a family environment.

2. You Won’t Catch Them in a Bad Mood
Sure, Group Fitness Instructors are normal people just like us. They have good days, bad days, ups and downs. But I guarantee you won’t know what kind of day your instructor may have had once you get into class with them! Why is that great? Because no matter what kind of day YOU had, you will end your day in the Group Fitness Class you have been waiting for all afternoon, with an instructor that will make you forget all of your problems! That is their job! No matter what kind of day a Group Fitness Instructor has, they know when it comes time for their class, they need to put their feelings aside and put their focus on you. And if behind the smiling face and encouraging demeanor a Group Fitness Instructor has had a bad day, you may be the one to brighten it! You may be the one class member they look forward to seeing that day. It could be your energy and smiling face that allows the Group Fitness Instructor to teach at their very best.

Remember… Group Fitness = Community.

3. Constant Continuing Education
Group Fitness Instructors are always learning. It’s part of their job to constantly educate themselves on the latest fitness trends, moves, and routines. This enables them to bring the latest and most effective workouts right to you! These Instructors take the time to tirelessly travel to fitness seminars, stay up late learning choreography for new routines, and so many other things we don’t even know! All so they can make sure you get the best experience possible from their class. Fitness and healthy lifestyle is their passion and they want to make sure to give you their best so that you come back again and again!

Next time you pass a Group Fitness Instructor, let them know how grateful you are for all of their efforts. They do so very much…just for you!

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