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Health and Safety Changes

We've restructured our facility and overhauled our daily protocol, and now we're finally reopened! Wondering about some of our changes? Take a look!

No-touch installations access

We've installed various no-touch utilities within the club to minimize possible points of contact, including our new hand dryers that come equipped with a built-in HEPA filtration system, as well as several ADA-compliant StepNpull door attachments that allow users to open doors without using their hands.


One-way foot traffic

We've created new paths around the gym that are one-way, preventing anyone from having to pass by each other when egressing and exiting, visiting our sales department, and in other areas around the club. Highly visible and easy to follow floor markers have been laid out, and certain areas have been restructured to direct traffic as necessary.


Fitness-distanced equipment

All of our equipment has been spaced out to allow for proper social distancing (or as we call it, fitness distancing) of 6 feet. Machines that were incapable of being moved have been marked as inaccessible by highly visible signage - ensuring that members can still get in their workout while maintaining a safe distance apart.

We've also added fitness-distanced floor markers in our GGX studio to make it easier to keep everyone separated while participating in class.


Sanitation practices upgrade

In addition to creating new cleaning schedules and checklists, we've upgraded our ammo against COVID-19. Using Virex II 256, dispensed through spray bottles for contact cleaning and an electrostatic sprayer for nightly 360 degree coverage, this medical-grade bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal cleaning product is capable of killing Coronavirus, HIV, VRE, MRSA, Influenza, and other common microorganisms.

We've amended classes to allow for ample disinfecting time between sessions, creating buffers that will permit members to safely file out and our clean team to sanitize and lock down the room before the next class.

Plus, we've prepared extensive employee training that covers new cleaning responsibilities, allowing for a consistent cycle of disinfection at the beginning, throughout, and at the end of every day.


Shields, dividers, and partitions

Protective barriers separating everyone from one another have been installed in several locations - including near the front desk and between key pieces of equipment  - in an effort to reduce potential points of contact and to protect all parties during person to person interactions. These take the form of plexiglas shields, glass dividers, and partitions.


Stretch and Recovery

In an effort to create more open spaces, especially for those looking to stretch before or recover after a workout, we've created the Stretch and Recovery room - located upstairs between the Cardio Cinema and cardio deck. The Stretch and Recovery room is the perfect place to loosen up and give your muscles some love while staying apart from the rest of the floor.



Returning Amenities

These amenities, previously unavailable in response to COVID-19, have returned/are returning soon. Check out what you've been missing:


Indoor track at the Net Sports Complex; upstairs track returns!

While our cardio deck's track is partially occupied by treadmills and bikes, the Net Sports Complex turf is now available for indoor running at select times. Check availability at the front desk today! 

Our upstairs track is open once again! Currently available for walking, the track will be available for running soon. Stay tuned!


Dry saunas have reopened

Back by popular demand, dry saunas are open once again - so take a breather and come sweat it out!


Basketball court returns

Previously reserved exclusively for rentals, our basketball courts are now available for gameplay and practice once again (with a maximum occupancy of 25). Be sure to check its availability at the front desk.


KidZone returns

Currently (as of 3/3/21) our LaGrange KidZone is open! Limited to 10 children per session, we once more have a safe place for kids to play while parents can go work out. In addition to a mask requirement (as well as a new age requirement; 3-12), our expert staff regularly disinfect and deep clean the area to help fight germs and bacteria.

Available twice a week, sessions are now divided by a 15-minute buffer where the KidZone is closed for sanitizing using a Virex II 256 mister. Walk-ins are also no longer available; an appointment system has been put in place to manage occupancy. 


Lady Gold's returns

Lady Gold's is back! Offering a more private workout location exclusively for women's use, Lady Gold's has a new maximum occupancy of 6 with spaced out equipment readily available - as well as a direct entrance from the women's locker room.


Upstairs Cycle Room returns

Currently housing all 30-minute SPRINT classes and RPM, the Cycle Room has returned! Grab a bike and enjoy the ride!


Yoga Studio returns

All yoga classes have returned to the yoga room as of Tuesday, 6/22. Come stretch, take a breath, and release!


Cardio Cinema returns soon

Movies and cardio - a match made in heaven! Lose yourself in a movie and forget about the burn in the Cardio Cinema, returning soon! Offering several pieces of cardio equipment (including treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes), you'll forget you're burning calories while you enjoy one of our featured films (movies playing at select times, check the front for the schedule).


Currently Closed Amenities

While waiting for direction from New York State, the following amenities are temporarily closed (but will reopen soon):

  • Steam room



Moving forward

To maintain best sanitary practices, Gold's Gym Dutchess County will no longer have mats available for use. Personal mats will be available for purchase from the pro shop.


In addition to our health and safety changes, we've also made a few cosmetic changes to the club:


Gold's Gear pro shop

Back by popular demand, the Gold's Gear pro shop has been reintroduced - now placed near the sales area. Stop by and check out some of the most fashionable pieces of Gold's Gym apparel on the market!


New boxing window

Our boxing room features a huge, new window facing the front stairs - easily allowing passerby to see if the room is available for use!


New designs and color

A variety of our walls have some new splashes of color and vinyl fitness-related designs. See if you can spot all the new additions!


New resurfaced floors

Our GGX and Racquetball floors have been resurfaced and are ready to shine!


Saunas and showers

Our saunas have been sanded and the men's locker room has new shower doors.


New audio equipment

We've added stereo systems to several of our rooms, so get ready to jam while you work up your pump!

Wondering how you can help?

There's a lot of changes that we're making on our end to give you the best fitness experience we can, however we know that the situation is fluid and constantly changing. If you're wondering what you can do to help smooth the process, here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you plan your trip to the gym:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often before and after your workout
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly throughout your workout
  • Remember to keep your distance from staff and other members
  • If you're feeling unwell or have any symptoms, stay home and take a rest day
  • Let us know if any of the cleaning stations are running low
  • Follow our social media and check your email regularly for all updates from us