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Group Fitness

At Gold's Gym, we believe that fitness begins with a commitment to better health. You only have one body, so why not take care of it the best you can?

Exercise is a critical component of our overall health and wellness, but many of us find it difficult to find the motivation to get into shape. This can happen for many reasons — you may have trouble navigating complex gym equipment, are new to exercise, lack support or feel unsure whether you'll succeed.

At Gold's Gym, you'll receive the support you need to learn the basics of fitness and to keep going on your journey to better long-term physical and mental health.+


The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness programs are excellent options for keeping you on track with your fitness goals, especially if you're new to working out. Group fitness classes offer amazing benefits that working out solo doesn't always provide, including:

  • Guided exercises: Group fitness classes at Gold's Gym are taught by a diverse team of certified fitness instructors who are experts in what they teach. You're never left thinking, "What do I do next?"
  • Community support: With group fitness classes, you get to try new and challenging workouts with people just like you. There's no intimidation or competition — just encouragement and mutual support for everyone's unique exercise goals!
  • Fun, challenging workouts: At Gold's Gym, we offer a wide variety of exercise classes, from yoga to Zumba to boot camp-style sweat sessions. Working out in a group is more fun than working out alone, and it also introduces you to new fitness moves.
  • Educational opportunities: Speaking of new fitness moves — group workouts are great options for learning new ways to get in shape. Group fitness classes offer guided exercises from certified fitness instructors, so you learn new workouts and how to perform them correctly.

Working out in a group can help you build a foundation for a fitness lifestyle. At Gold's Gym, we offer a variety of classes throughout the day and evening — so you have no excuse to skip!


Group Fitness Classes We Offer

Whatever your fitness level, we have a group fitness class for you to enjoy, no matter when you prefer to work out! Here is a list of the group fitness classes we currently offer at our Linglestown, PA location:

Classes are held in one of our three fitness studios: GGX Studio, Cycling Studio and Mind & Body Studio. In every class, we cater to participants of all fitness levels. Whether you've never exercised or have been working out for years, our trainers will meet you exactly where you are in your fitness journey.


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