Introducing Socal Fitness on Demand

by bfoster

Take Your Gym Membership Further (Without Leaving Your Home)

While every gym-goer does their best to make the most of their time in the gym, it can be hard to balance a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, making time for the gym no longer necessarily means walking through the front doors. Here is a look at Gold’s Gym SoCal Fitness On Demand and how you can take your gym membership further from the comfort of your home.

Schedules and Time Management

Fitting a workout into your schedule has never been easier than it is with SoCal Fitness On Demand. Using our fitness app, you can quickly access all your preferred class information (instructors, durations, and fitness details). This makes it easy to find a workout that fits your schedule and supports your wellness goals. Then, you can finish your workout from anywhere and feel empowered for the rest of your day. SoCal Fitness On Demand makes it easy to make the most of your gym membership, no matter where your schedule takes you.

Virtual Personal Training

If you can’t make it to the gym, let your personal trainer (virtually) come to you! You can get the same one-on-one fitness support you love from the convenience of your home via the Gold’s Gym Socal Fitness On Demand platform. Our experts will tailor their approach to your fitness goals, making the most of the equipment you have around the house. No home gym? No problem. The Gold’s Gym SoCal personal trainers are known for getting creative. We can help you find areas of your home that will support your workout, or we can create an equipment-free fitness experience designed just for you.

Booty Boot Camp – Now Online

Tone your glutes just in time for summer with Gold’s Gym SoCal. We have made our famous Booty Boot Camp available virtually through our app. You can access our same experienced instructors and effective workouts, now from the convenience of your home.

Coming Soon – Virtual Group Fitness Classes with Gold’s Gym SoCal

Here at Gold’s Gym SoCal, we want to make sure you always have access to your favorite fitness classes. Our gym has always been a consistent, reliable source of fitness support, and we are extending this accessibility by making your favorite classes available virtually through our app. We are offering HIIT That Fit, Stretch & Roll, Bree Kind to Yourself, Hypertrophy Hype, GGX Cycle, Zumba, Les Mills, and so much more! Now, no matter what kind of challenges or uncertainty your day is facing, you can know for sure that your favorite classes are waiting at your fingertips.

Get the Gold’s Gym SoCal Fitness On Demand App

If you are ready to hold the power of fitness excellence in your hands, download the Gold’s Gym SoCal app today. It is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also stream SoCal Fitness On Demand content on your smart TV or in your browser. To experience our local gyms first-hand, sign up for a free trial pass to any of our SoCal locations.

Gold’s Gym SoCal loves supporting our members through our in-person fitness offerings and social media. With the launch of our Gold’s Gym SoCal Fitness On Demand platform, we look forward to providing our members a new outlet of fitness community and support.