Do You Worry About Eating Enough Protein?

by bstevens

Have you ever wondered why we seem to have such an obsession with protein?

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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I have seen family, friends, and clients put so much energy in to worrying about if they are “getting enough protein.” I have one family member in particular who is VERY guilty of this. (Hello! ;]) It’s one of the most overrated and glamorized of the nutrients our bodies need to survive. So why do so many of us consume ourselves with worrying about eating foods packed with protein?  

You may remember the world getting a pretty big reality check when the documentary, “What the Health” was released on Netflix. Some HARD truth was spread on the meat and dairy industries. But my favorite section from that whole documentary was when Dr. Milton Mills broke down how absolutely laughable it is that the world is so obsessed with protein and getting enough of it. I remember watching the moment when he was asked, “So, do we have to eat meat to get complete protein?”  Dr. Mills gets the most agitated look on his face and rolls his eyes. His response is by far the best one I have ever come across to that question.

He says, “First of all, all protein is made by plants. I’ll state that again – for the record. All protein is initially made by plants. All of it. And it is not necessary to eat animal tissue, in order to get protein. Only plants have the ability to actually take nitrogen from the air, break those molecules apart, and incorporate that nitrogen into amino acids to then make protein. Any protein that you get from an animal is simply recycled plant protein.”

That is my absolute favorite take-away from all of the information Dr. Mills provided.

Any protein that you get from an animal, is simply recycled plant protein.”

Dr. Alan Goldhamer says, “If you ate a diet that was cholerically equated with things like brown rice and broccoli, and you got enough of it, you’d get enough both quality and quantity of protein. 2000 calories of brown rice and broccoli are going to be about 80 grams of protein.”  Basically what he’s saying is that if the average diet consisted of this, we would be over the RDA of protein.

In fact, the RDA of protein is 50g, but in America our average consumption is 100g!

Dr. Garth Davis, author of “Proteinaholic” says, “I have never in my entire professional career seen anyone with a protein deficiency. I’ve never seen someone come in, that eats a normal amount of calories and they are protein deficient. You just won’t see that.”

Now, I won’t spend all of my final efforts in this article trying to convince you not to eat animals. (There are plenty of other days for that.) I simply want to bring awareness to the fact that protein is not scarce. The average person is not going to become feeble and weak due to lack of daily protein consumption. It is in so much more than meat. Grains, seeds, vegetables… they are packed with plenty! Not to mention they won’t burden you with potential cholesterol issues if you overindulge!

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