Women Need Weight Training for Dream Body Results

by bstevens

Looking for a dream body? You may be surprised when I tell you the key to finding it!

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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A lot of women will read the heading of this article and not be able to scroll past it fast enough. So, if you are one of the ones reading it now, thank you! You are one step closer to obtaining the secret knowledge – most women won’t even give me the time of day to explain this to them! But if I have said it once, I have said it 100 times:


Are you hesitant? Are you thinking that I am crazy for telling you that weight training workouts don’t bulk up women to look like Ike the Hulk? Well by all means, call me crazy! However, I would have to throw it right back at you. Yup. I think YOU are the crazy one for not giving weight training a chance.

Reason #1 – The “bikini body” isn’t built on the treadmill.

Yes, weight training is the way muscle is built. However, the specific “body builders physique” look is made by following a very particular workout regimen and eating plan. They didn’t get that look by curling a 10lb dumbbell 5 or 6 times. A lot of
people don’t understand that. Many assume that any weight training at all will achieve that “body builder physique”. Because of this incorrect assumption, these people (maybe even you) use what I like to call the “safety net” workout equipment. That normally consists of the elliptical, treadmill, and bike. AKA the cardio trifecta.

The bikini body that everyone is normally looking for isn’t made by spending hours and hours on cardio equipment. In fact, those people that have the bathing suit bodies you envy spend very little time doing cardiovascular work. Defined obliques, rounded shoulders, and tight thighs aren’t made by going on a run or putting your elliptical on the “rolling hills” setting. No, they were made by consistent weight and resistant training!

Reason #2 –  Your future depends on what choices you make for yourself now.

You may not want to fast forward and see yourself as a parent or a grandparent, but chances are it is going to happen. One of the more common problems I see with clients is severe joint issues, knee problems, and a constant feeling of tiredness. They tell me they always feel so bad that they aren’t able to run around with their grandchildren because they have too much pain in their bodies or they are just too worn out. Weight training can prevent this from happening to you in the future!

By getting yourself on a weight and resistance training program today, you are saving yourself a lot of regret and pain in the future. By keeping your muscles in tip top shape, you are also keeping your surrounding ligaments and joints in great shape. Don’t cause yourself to miss out on your future, just because your current self isn’t willing to give weight and resistance training just a little bit of your time.

Well, are you willing to try and give the weights a chance? If so, start off by learning the basics and gradually advancing by taking one of our Group Fitness POWER classes! POWER is a fantastic class for highlighting those areas you really want to be defined on your body. Want sexy shoulders and a back without the “under bra” wings? Then get yourself into the next POWER class!

You have my word that you won’t leave the class with green skin that is bursting out of a ripped up tank top. See you in POWER!

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I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.