The TRUTH About Strength Training: Trainer’s Vlog

by lculberson

It’s more or less a guarantee that when I say the words “strong”, “strength” & “weights” to any woman, they basically turn off their brains and ears. For whatever the reason, those 3 words have such a jaded reputation. When in reality, they are incredibly important and just misunderstood! Here’s why.

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Strength training isn’t about developing yourself into a muscle head. In fact, its literally not even remotely close to what the definition is:

Strength Training: a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. (Via

Now, I don’t consider myself a brilliant mind by any stretch, so maybe I am missing something. Is that it? Am I misunderstanding what I have always understood to be a very clear description of what strength training is? Because I see nothing about using caution when walking by a dumbbell rack, so you can avoid growing into the Hulk.

Looking at that definition, I focus specifically on a couple of things:

“…builds the strength…”
By lifting weights and doing resistance training, you are helping your body prepare for the future. You are setting yourself up to be in a place during your “older” years, that have you feeling anything but old. You want to have the physical STRENGTH to be able to continue playing with your children and one day, your grandchildren. Heck, don’t you want your body to have the strength it needs now to not hurt in everyday movements? That’s a rhetorical question; I know you do.

“…size of skeletal muscles.”
This doesn’t mean your muscle size is going to become so overwhelmingly huge, that you look like a modern day Schwarzenegger. Strength training helps the size of your muscles develop to a point where you dont have things in your body, causing you pain. As in, you wont have severe lower back pain, throbbing knee pain or wherever pains. The muscles surrounding all of your joint areas and spinal region MUST be strength trained. Otherwise, you will find yourself in your recliner in front of the tv in a few years, instead of out and about in the yard or exploring nature.

Y’all, the only thing you should have come to mind when you hear “strength training”, is a happy, healthy, toned and physically prepared body. I hope I changed your views on strength training and you are ready to try new things in terms of your exercise regimen! In fact, I would LOVE for you to come try new things with us!

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