It’s Time You Enjoy the RIDE!

by bstevens

The RIDE we are talking about is of the blood pumping, sweat dripping, fat shedding, muscle boosting variety. Find out more:

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You’ve probably seen the herd of smiling and happy faces that come flooding out onto the gym floor in the middle of your workout. These people come from a smaller, dark room with blackened out windows and they are completely soaked from head to toe. You are always wondering to yourself, “Why on earth are those sweaty people in such a good mood each time I see them?” The answer is simple.

They just enjoy the RIDE!

If you haven’t taken a RIDE class at the Gold’s Gyms on Chapel Hill Rd. in Douglasville or off the East-West Connector in West Cobb, you seriously have no idea what you are missing! RIDE is one the most energetic, lively, and entertaining classes that you can take at the Gold’s Gyms of West Ga! Putting the amazing atmosphere aside, it is also one of the greatest classes for you to take, if you want to receive a rock star workout. The calorie burn you will get from taking a RIDE class is like no other!

One of the qualities that puts our RIDE classes a step above the rest, is the quality Group Fitness Instructors that we have. No, they aren’t drill sergeants, but they will definitely let you know when it is time to kick it in high gear! You’ll get used to hearing “bump it up!” so often, that you will probably start saying it in your sleep! Our instructors will help you along the way during the class in many ways. If you are someone with joint issues or past physical struggles, the instructors will routinely offer modifications for those who struggle with physical limitations.

((Side note: If you have severe knee pains, RIDE class may not be the class for you. As fun and enjoyable as it is, ruining your knees permanently, isn’t worth it!))

But guys, I’ll warn you – your butt is going to be s-o-r-e for a couple of days after your first class or two! My advice is to invest in a soft gel seat cover. But hey, if a couple of days with a sore rear will give you a great workout, physical appearance, mental clarity and happy moods, I think that isn’t too much to sacrifice! Get into your first RIDE class today! Visit our website to get a FREE Group Fitness Guest Pass!

Even if you are an exercise hater, we’ve got you covered. Download this free, no obligation ebook – The Exercise Hater’s Guide to Fitness. It will help you find the motivation you need to get moving and you can get started with a Free 7 Day Pass!



I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.