The Truth About Cardio

by bstevens

How much do you really know about the cardiovascular side of working out? Sure, you know cardio is a necessary aspect of working out that will keep you in good health. But are you doing it all wrong? 

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Keep reading and see if any of these common cardio mistakes sound familiar to you!

Forgetting About Hydration
If you’re working hard enough during your cardio routine – it is inevitable – you WILL sweat. Every time you sweat, you want to rehydrate yourself and replenish the fluids your body has expelled. DO NOT wait until you feel thirsty to quench your thirst. Keep a water bottle with you during your entire cardio routine and take sips throughout your workout every few minutes. You will begin to get into risky territory if you wait to hydrate at the very end of your cardio workout.

Miscounting Cardio Activities 
Do you consider every day activities to be part of your cardio routine? THIS is an incredibly common misconception. I hear this as an excuse more times than I would like to admit from my clients. For example: “Well, no I didn’t get to ride my bike or get on the treadmill this weekend, but let me tell you what I did. I moved furniture around my house on Friday and I watched my grandkids on Sunday! Boy, do they wear me out! I may as well have been at the gym with all the moving around I did!” As a Trainer, this is one of my top pet peeves. People get it into their minds that they are burning relevant calories for weight loss when they begin wearing health tracker bands that monitor a personal calorie burn throughout their everyday activities.  So, whenever they see that number of burned calories rise through the day as they run errands, they get a false sense of accomplishment. Tracking calories for every little move you make during the day is NOT good for the mental health aspect of losing weight. It is actually a common practice to become unhealthily obsessed with counting burned calories.

Let me just tell you, the strenuous cardio you need to keep up a healthy lifestyle or to lose weight, isn’t going to come from putting away your dishes or vacuuming. Cardiovascular calorie burn comes from expelling lots of energy into a workout, thus creating a significant calorie burn. It DOES NOT come from picking weeds in your garden or putting away your dishes.

Same Old Cardio Routine
The majority of us have a go-to workout routine for cardio because we are creatures of habit and familiarity. The truth is, you are destined to get much more out of your cardio workout if you keep variety in the routines you do. Mixing up your cardio workout will help prevent over training and also prevent your body from hitting a plateau.

Just remember guys: Stay hydrated, be realistic with yourself about what cardio REALLY consists of and keep changing up your routines!

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