8 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Fitness Journey

by bstevens

Motivation could possibly be the most challenging part of any health and fitness journey. Keep reading for some tricks to get you over your next slump.

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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I remember in 2011 when we were doing the Gold’s Gym Challenge, I went grocery shopping during the half way point of the challenge. I was walking through the bakery aisle and just felt the walls closing in on me. There was SO MUCH food that I wanted to stuff in my face right then and there.

I was also trying to keep myself motivated and disciplined because I was getting married that same year. I was under a lot of pressure! I was recently engaged, in the prime time of bathing suit season and had just started working as a personal trainer. I will be completely transparent when I tell you that the only thing that motivated me to not put garbage in my cart that afternoon was the fact I would be checking out at the register in my “Challenge Accepted” Gold’s Gym t-shirt.

Yikes, right? Embarrassment would have to come after me in another way on another day.

Anyone that has done the challenge will tell you that weeks 4-6 are probably the hardest. Why? Because it’s been just long enough that you have either made a big difference in yourself or you haven’t had too much happen for you. At this point in the journey, many people that haven’t seen huge numbers move will just call it quits. They’ll simply just think. “What’s the point? I’ve been doing this for almost 2 months and I’m not at all where other people are.”

I completely understand those feelings! Here’s the deal though, you aren’t “other people”.  Remember these things for me – they are VERY important:

  • You aren’t the same age as “other people”.
  • You don’t live the same life as “other people”.
  • You aren’t the same gender as “other people”.
  • “Other people’s” success is NOT your failure.

If you haven’t gotten to where you feel like you should be in your fitness or weight loss journey, don’t throw in the towel and run to the bakery section just yet!  You have many ways to continue motivating yourself. Give one or all of these tricks a shot. I promise they will help!

  1. Keep a “before” picture of yourself in your car/closet/bathroom/fridge to remind yourself what you are trying to get away from. This is a reminder that each decision you make can determine what type of success you will or will not have.
  2. Write down everything you eat during the day. Seeing what all goes in your mouth will keep you aware of the food you are consuming.
  3. Drink a bottle of water every hour.
  4. Cook your meals at home.
  5. Prep and plan your weekly lunches.
  6. Get a workout buddy.
  7. Get a trainer to motivate you and be supportive.
  8. Weigh/measure yourself every 2 weeks. Everyday will actually make you lose your motivation, not keep it.

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