Learn Why Spot Training is Just a Myth

by bstevens

Do you want to have strong muscles? Do you want to show them off? Is spot training the answer?

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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As a Personal Trainer, the first question I ask my clients at our initial meeting is, “What is the overall goal that you want to achieve during our time spent together?” 9 times out of 10, I will have women grab two fist fulls of their stomach, shake it up and down and say, “I just want you to make all this stuff go away!” Another common reaction is they will raise their arms up, shake them back and forth vigorously while saying, “I just want you to get rid of these flappy wings before I fly away!”

Does any of that sound familiar to you? Do you also dream about melting away the stomach and arm flab you’ve built up over the past few years and leaving it in the dust? I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Prepare yourself.

Are you ready?

Spot training is IMPOSSIBLE. There is absolutely no way around it. None.

You may be thinking, “Wait? What do you mean? You’re trying to tell me that I can’t pick where I want to lose weight?” That is EXACTLY what I am telling you. You simply cannot choose individual spots on your body to target fat loss. Your body is in 100% control when it comes to determining where the weight disappears from first and last. You’re probably saying, “What about all the different articles I read in magazines that show me exercises that are supposed to “banish my tummy” or “burn up all my belly fat” with just a few specific moves?” Ah. GREAT question!

Magazines and infomercials are masters at using verbiage to capture their readers’ interest. They know the words their clientele want to see and they use those skills to their full advantage. While doing overhead extensions and tricep kickbacks are great moves for helping tone the backs of your arms, they aren’t to be done every single day in hopes that the motions will completely melt away your arm flab. These moves are to be done to help build up your muscle mass. By building up your muscle mass, you will gain definition in your “target” areas that you are wanting to look better.

Again, the moves themselves are NOT going to be the end-all to your unhappiness with the way your problem areas are looking. Like I tell my clients, you need to “shed your layer” before you can see any particular definition on your body. The only way to lose weight in your “trouble” areas is to continue eating a healthy and balanced diet, along with full body workouts and cardiovascular work. This will lower your body fat percentage and increase your lean muscle, so that you can achieve that overall “toned and fit” body you have been long awaiting for!

The lesson to be learned here is: Don’t be fooled by infomercials that tell you one particular trinket will “completely melt your waistline away.” It just isn’t reality. YOU now know the secret to getting an overall toned and tightened body! Come visit us at Gold’s Gym and let one of our Personal Trainers design a program that is specific for you and the goals that you’re trying to achieve!

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