The Rainy Day Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

by bstevens

Do rainy days make you unmotivated? We hear ya!

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I will be the first to admit that when it is raining outside, my mood will take a hard left turn to Angerville. I get short tempered, annoyed at things that I normally would never even consider being bothered by, snap on my husband, and ignore responsibilities. I am sure there is much more, but I’ll stop myself there.

Can you relate? Rainy days get me in a very unmotivated mood. I definitely have less than 0 drive to get myself off of the couch and to the gym. That’s where the knowledge of “using your resources” comes in handy. Gym time doesn’t always have to be in the actual gym. Some days it’s just not in the cards for us.

When you have a day that’s got you just feeling “blah”, pull out my at-home workout routine! This routine is also perfect for when you are travelling. It works well when you are stuck in a hotel room for a work trip or when you are on a family vacation and don’t want to pay the visitor fee at the local gym.

The Rainy Day Couch Workout

30 seconds of each exercise | 10 sec rest between each exercise | 1 minute rest between each round | 5 rounds

(*click the name of the exercise for a visual example of the exercise)


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