Get Toned Shoulders That Will Turn Heads

by bstevens

Who is ready for the sunny days of spring and summer? What warm weather, outdoor activities are you looking forward to?

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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For the majority of women, the warmer weather of spring and summer brings mixed emotions. Why you ask? Believe it or not, most women get very excited when the season of fall makes an appearance. This is because they can then layer themselves from head to toe in the clothing of the chilly seasons; clothes that will have long sleeves, some baggy sweaters, and jackets. The mixed emotions come into play when we women want to be out and about in the sun and fun with everyone, but we quickly change our tune due to our arms not looking exactly like we want them to.

For some of the men and younger females out there, I bet you guys may be a little confused. Let me explain…

During the hot spring and summer months, women are by default, forced to wear less clothes when they venture out to the beaches, lakes, and even just out to the grocery store. If they choose not to wear a lesser amount of clothes, they are then forced into the discomfort of getting extra sweaty. No one likes that. But, if given the choice most women would prefer to cover their arms up completely! The back of the arm region (triceps), is one the most embarrassing places for women to carry their weight. I can’t tell you how many times I have had people come up and shake their arms at me, asking me to make their “wings” fly away.

I don’t ever want you to feel insecure, let alone not look forward to the sunny, outdoor, adventure filled days that spring and summer offer us! Let me provide a little help and point you in the right direction. Below you will find 3 of my favorite arm sculpting moves. These particular moves are meant to help tone and tighten your tricep areas and define those shoulders!

Be the person who everyone looks at with envy during these hot and sunny days. Keep up your hard work this spring  and summer so that you can skip the sweaters and show those arms off this fall!


Suspension Strap Tricep Press (Challenging!)

(10 reps | 2 sets)


Bent Elbow Lateral Flys

(5-10lbs in each hand | 12 reps | 2sets)



(8-15lbs | 12reps | 2sets)


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