Can Your Eating Habits Affect Your Brain?

by bstevens

Forget about your waistline for just a second – your food choices also affect your brain! Find out how your brain reacts to unhealthy food and drink habits.

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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When we think food, we don’t normally think “brain fuel”. But that’s exactly what food is! Food is the primary energy source that enables our bodies AND our brains to function .

Think about it. When you go too long without eating, do you ever notice that your head just doesn’t feel like it’s screwed on right? It almost feels like you can’t complete a thought or grasp concepts. That’s because your brain is hungry! When we don’t eat, our brains pay the price, not just our bodies. The same goes for not drinking enough water. I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine that was the epitome of why we all need to keep ourselves hydrated. She said to me she had gone about 2 months without drinking water. I looked at her in shock and asked why on earth she hadn’t been drinking water regularly. I also asked if her head wasn’t just throbbing all the time. She told me her head was definitely hurting. In fact, she said it was hurting almost 24/7. Her explanation was, “Well, I drink a lot of tea, so I am just pretty much hoping that’s going to cover the water I need.” I told her there is no way that would ever work, but I thought about it and realized there are probably a lot of people thinking this is something they can get away with.

SPOILER: It is 100% NOT something you can get away with. You will pay the price eventually. The best case scenario is that you have severe headaches and body cramps. The worst case scenario? Well, you end up in the hospital a hair away from death due to severe hydration. It’s not worth the risk – I promise.

So, you know how important water is to the brain and making sure to eat, but does it actually matter what you eat? YES, it absolutely does! You know the expression, “You are what you eat”? Well, that is also applicable to your brain. If you eat crap, your brain will function and feel like crap. If you eat healthy foods, your brain will function energetically and your thoughts will become clear as day. Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the best sources for brain fuel. Healthy fats happen to be very good for brain functionality!

Here are some of the foods nature provides us that have been proven to contain what we need for “brain power”:

By flooding your body with soda, alcohol and juices, you are depriving your brain and body of the hydration it needs to function at full capacity. Did you know studies have shown a link between fast food and Alzheimer’s disease? That makes a little sense, though, doesn’t it? Eating badly causes the brain to perform poorly and with time, it can cause it to basically fail.

Some trends in this world aren’t worth following. Eating and drinking to poorly effect your brain, is one we can all stay behind the times with. Sure, you may see a commercial on t.v. that has your brain tell you that you MUST leave and go get that delectable, drippy dessert, but YOU know better. Tell your brain you know what is best for it. After getting yourself into a habit of eating and hydrating properly, your brain will begin to have less and less of a voice in your food decisions!

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