8 Tried and True Tips to Being Your Healthiest Self

by bstevens

We want you to live your healthiest life yet! These are the tried and true tips to beginning your journey to health.

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1. Wake Up Earlier

The longer you sleep, the lazier you feel throughout the day. This will cause you to choose the lazier options in all the situations that arise during your short day. Situations like choosing between fast food or a sit down meal, escalators instead of stairs, or sitting instead of standing. Starting the morning off with just a simple change like waking up earlier will make a huge difference for your entire day.

2. Shop Smart

Being in charge of the groceries that fill your house will put you at a huge advantage. This will give you full control of the foods that stay stocked in your house. If you make the decision to fill your pantry with processed, sugary, snacking foods, instead of filling your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables – you have no one to blame but yourself. Self control at the grocery store is hard. This is why you must make the decision to spend your hard earned money on food that will do you good, not harm.

3. Get Planning

Did you know that people who plan out their days and events in advance have an overall healthier way of living? Setting aside specific goals and laying out the way you want your day to proceed leads to healthier choices. It has also been shown that planners handle stressful scenarios presented to them much better than those who aren’t planners.

4. Stay Organized

If you keep all aspects of your material life organized, you will be shocked at how well your physical and emotional life just fall right into place. I watched a speech by a decorated Veteran a few months back and he had a great way of explaining this theory. He said if you start every morning by waking up and making your bed, you are already on your way to a rewarding day. That one little task that we all overlook, will set you up to make better choices for many other tasks in your day. Like making a healthier food choice, putting clothes away instead of on the floor, putting your keys and wallet in the same place each time you get home, and cleaning up after yourself right away. Small little organizational tasks will make you feel great and will genuinely frustrate you if you ever start getting off course.

5. Meal Preparation

You have more than likely heard the phrase “meal prep” before. If you haven’t, no big deal! Meal prep is common in health and fitness world because it is the best way for people who are trying to keep a healthy lifestyle to continuously make good nutrition decisions. By meal prepping at home and taking that food with you to work or as you travel, you will save time, money, pounds and regret! I don’t know about you, but I know that growing up I was always baffled at how much junk would accumulate in the car on a road trip. I would think, “When in the world did we get all these bottles and food bags?!”. Start meal prepping and it will absolutely change your life.

6. Keep Water in Your System

Staying hydrated is one the biggest keys to success for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s incredibly common for people to have good intentions to drink water, but they just forget. Even if they keep it at their desks or in the cup holder of their cars, they still manage to let it slip their minds. Believe it or not, there are actually trinkets out there now, that will remind you to drink water throughout the day in some pretty creative ways! CLICK HERE to see one of my favorites.

7. Stay in a Positive Environment

If you surround yourself with a negative group of people, whether it be friends or family, it’s going to bring you down. Kick that negativity out of your life! Choose to be around positive and encouraging people that want to see you succeed and do better for yourself. Those are the people who are going to stay by your side and aid you with your healthy and happy life journey.

8. Get a Partner

It doesn’t matter if it is a workout partner, group fitness class partner, or a grocery store buddy – get one! Having someone to share your struggles with on the roller coaster that is health and fitness will keep you sane and afloat. Having a support system and someone that can keep you on track and focused will be such a HUGE key to your own personal success.


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I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.