4 Tips to Keep Your Hard Earned Summer Shape

by bstevens

We have noticed how many of you have really been kicking it into high gear to get in shape the past few months. We are proud of your progress! The key is to stay consistent and don’t let summer derail your efforts.

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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As you have read from me before, there is no magic way to melt the unwanted pounds off of your body. No pill, no drink, no antidote… nothing. But, there are solutions! Solutions that require you to put forth a little effort. You know what, though? Nothing ever worth having comes easy, right? That being said, take a look at 4 of my tips that are going to keep you toned and trim this summer season!

1. Go For a Run

It’s summertime! That means the sun is out, flowers are blooming, and outside is where we all want to be! Yet, we all want to have that super fit body, too. No worries! Instead of sitting at home on the couch, get out and run around your local park, nature reserve trails, or neighborhood.

2. Beach Work

The last place most of us want to be during the summer time is inside the gym. It’s ok to feel that way – I feel that way too sometimes! So instead of being stuck behind the walls of the place that keeps you solid and strong in the cooler seasons, why not work out on the beach? You know you’ll be there this summer anyway, so why not take advantage of a beach yoga session, a jog, or even some core exercises in the sand!

3. Eat at Home

I love pizza just as much as the next guy, but I know it’s horrible for you. The worst is the pizza you get out at restaurants or the chain delivery places. Instead, make your own at home! There are tons of healthy, good for you, and good tasting pizza recipes online. Fresh ingredients and making a pizza with family and friends is a much more enjoyable experience than any old run of the mill pizza chain.

4. Drink Flavored Water

I know that many of you crave nothing more than an ice cold soft drink or cool fruit smoothie during the hot days of summer. The downfall of consuming those is that they are slammed packed with sugar. These choices can pack on the pounds very quickly. Instead, keep fresh fruit on hand at home. That fruit can be chopped up and tossed into your water to provide flavor all day long!

Follow my tips and you are well on your way to keeping that rockin’ summer body that you worked so hard for over the past year! After all, you want to show off all that hard work, right? I thought so – keep up the hard work and stay persistent!

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