4 Reasons the Gold’s Gyms of West Georgia are Right for You!

by bstevens

We want YOU to be the newest member of our Gold’s Gym family – find out why we think our gyms are the right choice.

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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Like many people around the West Georgia area, you’ve probably driven by a Gold’s Gym or two and thought, “I wonder what that place is like? I should stop in one day and see what it’s all about in there. Maybe I will like it!” But then, you notice the big strong Gold’s Gym “muscle man” that is the face of the Gold’s Gym Business and your previous interest quickly turns to you saying, “Actually, I bet it’s probably full of muscle head guys throwing weights, trainers screaming at people, and machines I will never understand. What was I thinking?! I don’t belong in a place like that!

I don’t blame you! Who would want to be part of a place like that? Thankfully, you’re in luck! The Gold’s Gyms of West Georgia are as far away from that stereotype as possible. Read below to get a REAL idea as to what the place you drive by each day is “really all about” and why you are bound to find one that is the PERFECT fit for you!

There are 3 of them!

If you live West of Atlanta or even right around the metro Atlanta area, there is a Gold’s Gym of West Ga waiting for you. With Gold’s Gym on Hospital Drive and Gold’s Gym on Chapel Hill Road both being located in Douglasville, GA, you are guaranteed to stumble upon the perfect gym for yourself and your family. For those of you who don’t live around the Bremen/Carrollton/Douglasville/Hiram areas, don’t count yourselves out just yet. The Gold’s Gym of West Cobb is located on the East-West Connector. Perfectly located for all of you Atlanta/Cobb natives who need a gym to call home!

We have the BEST gym staff around!

In 2000 we were voted #1 World-Wide in customer service and for good reason! From the moment you walk in the front door, you are greeted with a smile by one of our upbeat and enthusiastic Front Desk Representatives. These individuals are always welcoming and generously offering up their services to best assist you. Don’t know how to use some of the equipment? Our Circuit Trainers and Certified Personal Trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and would love to make sure you feel confident and comfortable with all aspects of the gym.

Age ain’t nothing but a number!

The Gold’s Gyms of West Georgia are user friendly for all ages. If you have children, have no fear! Our Chapel Hill Rd and West Cobb locations offer Kidz Club for children ages 6 months-12 years old. So while mom or dad is getting their work out on, they can take their time and feel confident knowing the kids are in good hands. Think you’re “too old” to start a health and fitness regimen? Think again! We offer Silver Sneakers Group Fitness classes that are ideal for the senior group. And let me tell you, those men and women are always having so much fun together!

The Gold’s Gyms of West Georgia are family owned and operated!

Why does that matter? Well, I’ll give you a quick history lesson to explain: In December of 1984, our owner Gordon Johnson along with his wife Shirley, built their first gym in Douglasville on Hospital Drive and called it the “Douglasville Health and Athletic Club”. In 1998, Gordon made the decision to become part of the Gold’s Gym Franchise and so the Douglasville Health and Athletic Club on Hospital Drive became known from that point on as Gold’s Gym. Shortly after that, Gordon decided he would open another gym in Douglasville and a third in West Cobb!

A few short years later, Gordon’s children decided they wanted to be part of the business with their mom and dad. So, that’s what they did!  His oldest son Skip is now the V.P. of Operations over the 3 gyms, his youngest son Scott is VP of Finance and Facilities, while his daughter Kathy is over the HR departments.

Gordon Johnson has spent the past 37 years dedicating his life’s work to developing a completely different gym experience than what most are familiar with. When asked what sparked his interest in the health club business, he responds with, “I found that I liked the people who were attracted to a better life and the employees who were attracted to the business. There was a sense of purpose in making people’s lives better and enjoying the people who had that interest as well.”

The Johnson family has worked tirelessly to develop a gym environment that makes you feel as if you are just as much a part of the family business as they are. For years they have been positively improving their reputation thanks to their gym family’s suggestions and feedback. After all, what’s a family if not a group of people that listen and learn from one another?

If you haven’t heard yet, Gold’s Gym has been offering an AWESOME promotional since the 8th of this month. The #GoldsBFF promotional offers our members the opportunity to bring in their BFF, spouse, or significant other to the the gyms FOR FREE! That’s right, your workout buddy can experience our top rated group fitness classes, top of the line gym equipment, and meet our incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff.
If you haven’t made it in for BFF week, it’s not too late. By popular demand, we have extended #GoldsBFF week until June 18th! Come on in with your BFF today – we can’t wait to see you guys!

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I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.