3 Training Hacks to Get Spring Break Ready!

by bstevens

With the temperature rising and the sun finally showing its glorious face, all we can think about is spring break! Are you ready?

By: Betsy Stevens NCCPT
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It’s almost time – spring break is only a few weeks away! Just because we’re adults with kids or grand kids, doesn’t mean we don’t also want to look and feel our best in the sun while we run around playing with family, right? I didn’t think so! So here are 3 hacks to get you in spring break body mode:

Cut Junky Foods From Your Diet

If you are wanting to lose a bit of weight before spring break time, I’m willing to guess a change of eating habits are in store for you. There are many things you could do to make your daily eating patterns better. To start, cut out any and all fast food. I’m well aware it is cheap and it’s quicker than making your own food, but there is very little you can get from a fast food resturant that is going to benefit your health or your figure.

Set Small Goals

Setting a goal that is small will be more attainable than setting just one unreachable goal. For anyone to actively lose weight, they need to set reasonable goals. Since spring break is coming up right around the corner, you are going to need to be exceptionally careful when choosing your weight loss techniques. I’ll tell you one thing though, the answer to weight loss is never a crash diet. In reality, it can severely cause your metabolism to become unsteady. This will result in a plateau and your weight loss goals will become stagnant.


Have you considered keeping track of what you eat? By making note of what you are consuming each day and by recording your workouts, you will keep yourself accountable for the months leading up to your spring break. There are tons of new tracking apps out there. Gone are the days of having to tote around a notebook and pencil. A common and dependable app that tracks your workouts and meals for no cost is MyFitnessPal. If an app won’t do it for you, get a friend of yours and head to the gym together!

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