3 of the Most Effective Ab Exercises You’ve Been Missing Out On

by bstevens

Everyone wants great abs, right? At least from my experience they sure do. It’s what we all want, there is no shame in the ab game!

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I haven’t met a person yet, that has said to me, “Oh, no, no. No ab exercises to tighten me up. No thank you. Nah, no abs for me! I prefer that rounder, flabby look when it comes to my stomach.”

I know that you get tired of the ever so boring sit up. I can’t blame you. In fact, there is only so much that outdated exercise can do for you. Got love handles? Well, a sit up isn’t going to target the oblique muscles under those. You want to be using exercises that are going to cover a variety of areas in your core region.

The 3 exercises below are some of my favorite core exercises. They have also proven to be incredibly effective over the years. I will tell you now that they are a challenge, but nothing worth having ever comes easy!

**Click the exercise names to be taken to a YouTube video example of each exercise.

Deadbug: (12-15 reps | 3 sets | 5-10 lb medicine ball)
Weird name, right? However, once you try out exercise, you’ll understand the name. When doing the Deadbug, you want to make sure that you keep your back flat on the ground and your spine stays in alignment. By keeping your eyes toward the ceiling, you will prevent yourself from subconsciously tucking your chin, as this can cause severe neck strain.

Plank: Alternating Knee Tucks: (20 reps | 3 sets)
Most of you have seen the plank position before. However, I am willing to bet the majority of you have not been made aware of the many variations available for the plank. The plank itself is recognized as probably the most beneficial abdominal exercise in fitness world. So why not make the most beneficial exercise out there even MORE beneficial, by adding a degree of difficulty? With this exercise, you can choose to be down on your forearms or up on your hands. Either way, you want to make sure your arms are directly set under your shoulders – not stretched out in front of your body or stuffed under it. Your spine should remain in a neutral position – don’t poke your booty up in the air. When you bring each knee in for a tuck, do this motion slowly.

Reverse Crunch: (12-15 reps | 3 sets)
This exercise is great! It’s one of my favorites because I have issues with my lower back. Many floor exercises that require me being on my back, really cause me a lot of pain. The reverse crunch doesn’t cause me any discomfort! My biggest suggestion for this exercise is a long time pro tip: Keep the back of your arms pressed toward the floor and your hands in a fist close to your shoulders. A common issue I’ve noticed is that when people have their arms pressed flat out at their sides, they tend to squeeze their muscles really tight in their arms. This makes the tricep muscles overly strained and irritated. Give my variation a shot!


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I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.