3 Crazy Misconceptions About Group Fitness Classes

by bstevens

Have you considered trying a Group Fitness class, but always talk yourself out of it? Maybe you think that it’s not for you? Think again.

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Here are some of the most common reasons people opt not to try a group fitness class:

-They don’t want to look stupid
-They don’t think they can keep up
-They don’t want to be “called out”
-They don’t want to be stared at
-They don’t have the right body type for a particular class

I’ve heard many other reasons, but like I said, these are the most common. There are many who genuinely want to be part of a Group Fitness Class. They see how much fun the participants are having and how great of a workout it is! Personally, I want you to get the best experience that you possibly can when you visit one of the Gold’s Gyms of West Ga. So, that being said, I am going to knock out 3 misconceptions about these classes. You’ll be pretty surprised to see that one by one, your excuses and fears will be flying out the window! Take a look below:

You Don’t Have the Right Body Type
What on earth is the “right” body type for a Group Fitness Class? I for one don’t know of a “right” body type and I have been involved in the gym world for years! I don’t know about you, but when I look into a class, I see people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, heights and genders. There is not one “neutral” type of Group Fitness class participant. All types of people go to class for various reasons. For some it may be to lose weight, some may go to tone up their muscles, and some go just to relieve stress! Body type does NOT matter when it comes to Group Fitness. It takes all kinds to compose a true Group Fitness class!

You Can’t Keep Up
This is something many members struggle with. I have witnessed individuals get the courage to go into a class, but then get overwhelmed with the moves and run right back out of the class. You don’t have to be that person! Listen, if you are the rare breed of human, that can go into a Group Fitness class and just naturally pick up the rhythm of all the different moves going on and portray them flawlessly; I applaud you! For the other 99% of us, it takes a little while to catch on! By the way, that is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Did you know our Group Fitness Instructors actually go to seminars, watch tutorials, and practice at home before they present you the different routines? I know you didn’t think they just created an hours worth of material for you that day….did you? No way! They have to practice and practice until they get it just right. That is just another reason as to why you need to relax about keeping up. It is a MUCH better idea to take your time and get the moves down after 3-4 classes, as opposed to getting overwhelmed and either leaving the class or injuring yourself. Go at your own learning pace and in time, you will be encouraging a new class taker to stay and not give up!

You Don’t Want to Look Stupid
As I said, people go into Group Fitness classes for many reasons and it does take time to get the moves down. Well, guess what? The people in a Group Fitness class aren’t the least bit concerned with how you look during your time in the class. I PROMISE! Seriously! They are either just like you and have no idea what they are doing, because they are new to the Group Fitness world or they have their own reasons for being in class and are in their own bubble. People go to Group Fitness classes for the atmosphere and for a great workout They don’t arrive at the gym, walk into class and then maliciously pick out their unlucky prey, that is going to be starred at and judged for the next hour. No, they are part of class for themselves and want to get a good workout in and relieve the stress of a long work day – just like you! If by chance you ever did find a crazy person staring at you in class, one of 2 things could be happening. 1. They are nervous and confused and are looking around in hopes that they are on track in class and you happen to be the closest to them. 2. They have a crazy disorder that makes them stare at people and you just need to shoot them a big ol’ smile and stare right back at them!

Isn’t it time that you give one or ALL of our Group Fitness classes a try. Get started NOW with a 7 day pass and find a class that works for you. You are always welcome to bring a friend to class with you so that you can get in shape and have fun together.

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I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.