3 of the Most Common Personal Trainer Questions

by bstevens

I’m not one to sugar coat the truth. I don’t believe that it benefits anyone. It especially doesn’t benefit anyone in the health and fitness world. I believe that tough love with some compassion is important when helping others that struggle with their weight.

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I want to give you some of the answers to the most common questions I get asked as a Personal Trainer. If you don’t want to read the truth, I suggest skipping over this particular article. If you want to get answers to questions you have more than likely been wondering about, then keep on reading!

1. If I only do ab work, will I get abs quicker?
Yeah so…. no one really wants to hear my answer to this question. Primarily because it isn’t the answer they WANT to hear. Like I said above, sugar coating won’t be something you’ll get out of me. The answer? Absolutely not. Doing excessive abdominal work is not going to give you that desired 6 pack ab look that all the women and men on fitness magazines have. If I have said it once, I have said it 1 billion times: Abs are made by eating properly and engaging in head to toe exercise.

2. Can I just Google some workouts instead of hiring a trainer?
Sure. You can do that, but you are definitely playing a risky game. By downloading workouts from the internet or watching someone on a phone app, you’re risking a lot more than just not seeing the results that you want. Potentially, you could even cause yourself long term physical damage. How could that happen? Well, just because someone has a slender build, wears some pretty workout clothes and is talking to you from a room full of yoga mats and dumbbells, doesn’t mean that they are qualified to give you ANY kind of fitness advice or guidance. More likely than not, this person isn’t certified in anything and doesn’t hold the knowledge needed to be telling others how to workout.

Also, this random person doesn’t know you personally. They don’t know if you have any physical limitations or a history of health problems. More often than not, these people will offer the same workout for all of their “clients” or “subscribers”. That is NO way to work your way through a fitness journey. Personal Training certifications are created for a reason. The knowledge obtained by certified personal trainers is knowledge that the average joe in workout gear doesn’t have. Don’t take the easy way out by Googling weight loss and fitness guidance.  

3. If I just workout, do I have to change my eating to lose weight?
This is a common misconception that many people have. But the truth is you absolutely need to adjust your eating habits if you want to see successful weight loss.  Exercise and proper diet go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other and expect to reach your goals. There really is no further explanation needed. If you think you can eat fast food and soda every day of the week and still achieve your goals… you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

Well, I told you I wouldn’t be holding back on my thoughts when it came to these questions. If you have any other questions when it comes to your health and fitness goals, reach out to me! I’m more than happy to answer what I can for you. I want you to make the most informed decisions for yourself.

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I am NCCPT certified Personal Trainer Betsy Stevens and I train out of Golds Gym on Chapel Hill Road and Hospital Drive in Douglasville, Ga.