3 More BARRE Class Misconceptions

by bstevens

What questions do you still have about BARRE class? What is holding you back? You may find the answers you are looking for below…

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You may have read a recent article about some of the common misconceptions people have about BARRE class. If you did, maybe it changed your view on some things. Or maybe you still have questions and concerns floating around in your head and are still not able to fully commit to the class. Below I have listed 3 more common misconceptions that I have heard from gym members and non-gym members, in regards to the BARRE Group Fitness class. Take a look and see if any of these concerns are still holding you back…


It’s a “stay at home mom” class. I won’t fit in with that crowd.

This is so far from the truth. BARRE class is meant for, well, almost everyone! Women, men, young, old and in-between can all participate in BARRE! Whether you have a corporate desk job, work out in the fields, or work in the home – this class is meant for you! There isn’t just one “type” of class participant in BARRE.


All that class does is lunges.

Lunges are absolutely involved in BARRE. However, the class is so much more than that! Did you know there are multiple ways to hit muscles groups with moves that seem very similar?  The lunge is no doubt, one of these moves. In the beginning I had clients leave BARRE class saying they were tired of doing so many lunges over and over, because they would stay sore. Fast forward to now, these same people are still attending BARRE and they hate the days they have to miss the class. They gradually understood that the BARRE instructors know what success in this class looks like. Yes, lunges will come in all forms. Because of this variety, you will be surprised to be working so many different parts of your body! Don’t knock it before you give it a few tries – trust me!


I want to build lean muscle. A stretching/ballet class isn’t going to do that for me.

Alright. I really have to clear these two things up. First, BARRE is NOT a “ballet” or “stretching” class. Looks can be deceiving. Instead of  judging the class based on what you saw for .5 seconds when you walked by the window, pass your judgement after you participate in the class. Secondly, you CAN build lean muscle in BARRE! In fact, it’s almost hard not to. When you participate in BARRE class, you will use some hand weights or plates every now and then, but the key to building lean muscle is your own body weight! As a trainer, one of my favorite things to share and have my clients realize, is that your body weight makes for the greatest resistance and weight training. This is especially true when it comes to getting that lean and defined muscle look. For example, the heavier your legs are, the more resistance you gain in lower body and core work. Give BARRE just one shot. I promise you will leave class with sore muscles you didn’t even know existed!

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