2 Undervalued Traits of Goal Achievers

by bstevens

Having goals for things we want to do and working towards them is an important part of life AND fitness. The path towards our goals may not always be easy, but having goals is part of what moves us forward in life.

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Do you ever wonder why you set goals for yourself, but you never seem to achieve what you set out to do? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this. Anyone can set a goal, but getting all the way to the finish line – that takes some genuine work!

Are you looking for new strategies to help you successfully reach the goals that you have set for yourself? Here are what I believe to be 2 of the most undervalued traits of successful goal achievers:

I️ for one, can definitely vouch for this habit. I️ remember looking back at a certain time in my life and remembering how annoyed and frustrated I️ was that my days were so short and I️ could barely get anything done! I️ guess that’s just college life, but it really didn’t have to be. Now that I wake up early, I️ know now that I️ 100% can tell a difference in my outlook on the day. I️ can also tell that my drive and determination to complete things is MUCH more profound. I️ came across a Facebook post on a friend’s page of a picture she took early one morning as the sun was rising, while she was out on her boat enjoying the quiet of the water on Lake Wedowee. The caption above her picture said, “As my dad would always say, ‘If you aren’t up early, you’re missing out on the best part of the day!’” Her dad was right!

Breakfast can normally make or break your success for the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast will provide you with great nutrition, give you sustainable energy, help you keep a clear focused mind, and will keep you fuller for longer. A crappy breakfast with poor nutritional value will do the exact opposite of all I️ just mentioned. For example, a sausage and cheese biscuit may taste good the for 5-6 minutes it takes to eat it, but you know just as well as I️ do that you will feel just plain yuck once that biscuit is gone. You know how whenever you eat something that is heavy or greasy, you always seem to feel like you could care less about what is going on around you and you just want to go back to sleep? Miserable, isn’t it? A healthy breakfast will keep you energized and driven throughout your day.

They may sound simple, but if applied routinely these 2 tips will change the way you set goals for youself. Give it a go! Start by setting 1 attainable goal each day. Then move on to 10 attainable goals a week. Before you know it, your whole outlook on life and your daily habits will be completely turned around and you won’t ever look back to your old ways!

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