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  • Low Sugar
    • Macros matter! Some fructose helps replenish you after a workout. But too much can be counterproductive to your fitness goals.
    • Our new fruit smoothies are sweetened with natural stevia. This gives a reduction from 75 to 19g (regular size) compared to before.
  • Better Taste
    • The health benefits don't matter if they don't deliver on taste. So, we viewed that as a top priority in considering the change.
    • After conducting a large blind taste test, the vast majority of our members preferred the taste of the new offering.
  • Real Fruit
    • Our new FRUIT FIRST smoothies have real fruit as the first ingredient. That means it's the primary ingredient.
    • The fruit smoothie mixes are concentrated puree and still retains all the nutritional benefits and taste.
  • Better Value
    • We've increased our regular size from 12 to 16oz while maintaining the prove. We've also introduced the all new 24oz.
    • Your time is valuable, and no one likes to wait. The new protein shakes take <1 minute to make compared to >3 minutes on average before.

We care about your well-being and strive to provide the best options for a healthier and tastier journey. Trust Gold's Gym to lead you to success, both in and out of the gym.