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Group Fitness 

Change up your workout with fitness classes in Camp Hill at Gold's Gym! We offer a wide selection of classes from Tae Bo to Insanity and Pilates, so you can get a fun total body workout. You'll feel motivated by everyone else in the class, and you can benefit from our team of certified trainers. 

Instead of hopping on the treadmill again, switch it up with our fitness classes in Camp Hill, PA. Whether you try something brand new or get back into yoga or Barre, you can get a fun cardio workout and stretch your mind by coming to Gold's Gym Camp Hill. 


The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Everyone knows that finding the motivation to work out can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are ways to make exercise more fun and collective. When you find the right Camp Hill gym classes, you can make burning fat and torching calories a blast with a whole group of friends. Some of the benefits of group fitness classes include: 

  • Boost your motivation: Working out with like-minded people in a group exercise class will help you strive toward your goal and keep going to the gym. 
  • Improve your form: Exercising alone has its benefits, but fitness training in Camp Hill means you have a trained and certified instructor who can help you improve your form and avoid injury. 
  • Meet new people: Making friends at the gym can help you form lifelong bonds, and your group exercise friends will motivate you to keep coming and better your personal health. 
  • Release endorphins: Every time you exercise, your brain releases endorphins that help you fight anxiety and depression and simply make you feel good. Group exercise in Camp Hill can enhance this process as the class pushes you to tackle a tough workout. 


Group Fitness Classes We Offer

At Gold's Gym Camp Hill, we offer a variety of group fitness classes in our GGX Studio, Cycling Studio and Mind/Body Studio: 

  • Barre: Barre classes mix athleticism and grace to help you improve balance. It's inspired by ballet barre, yoga and Pilates. 
  • Pilates: Our Pilates classes in Camp Hill focus on strengthening muscles, improving posture and building flexibility. 
  • P90X: Try P90X classes if you want a total body workout that includes everything from yoga to Pilates and mixed martial arts. 
  • Tae Bo®: Looking for Tae Bo classes? Gold's Gym Camp Hill offers this high-intensity full-body workout that pairs moves with racing beats. 
  • INSANITY: INSANITY workout classes by Shawn T features 45-minutes of muscle-searing exercise that gets you the results you want. 
  • HIIT: HIIT classes in Camp Hill involve high-intensity bursts of exercise with short rest periods in between. 
  • Boot Camp: Our Boot Camp-style classes are meant to build strength and fitness through many different types of exercise.


Become a Better Version of Yourself With Gold's Gym

Ready to launch your health and fitness transformation? Give group fitness a try at Gold's Gym Camp Hill. Try one of our GGX classes in Camp Hill or our Cycling Studio or Mind/Body Studio to jump-start your fitness journey. Join today!


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