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Check in to Keep Your Momentum Going

Schedule a check-in to see your progress, get tips to stay motivated, and learn how to modify your plan to help you reach your goals.

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If you’re not seeing the results you want as you pursue your fitness goals, or it feels like your progress is slowing down, it’s time to talk to a Gold’s Gym expert to help you get back on track.

“People stop making progress because what they’re doing isn’t working, but it’s all they know how to do,” says Austin Johnson, a Gold’s Gym fitness expert.

That’s where a check-in with a personal trainer will make a difference.

“It’s a big opportunity to see your progress so far,” Johnson says. “We’ll assess what you’ve been doing and recommend an achievable plan for going forward.”

Check-ins gave Challenge winners workout motivation

Check-ins are a great way to finish your 2020 Gold’s Gym Challenge strong. We spoke to past winners about how they used midpoint check-ins to finish out the last six weeks of the journey.

“It was extremely beneficial in motivating me to continue after I saw how I was actually progressing,” says David Le, a former Challenge winner.

Check-ins include getting updated body measurements, whether manually or using GOLD’S 3D™ body scanning technology, to compare to the original measurements that members had at the start of the Challenge.

Priscilla Harris, the 2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge overall female winner, says seeing the results of the scans was a reward of its own.

“Seeing what I worked for and [had] already earned gave me a great sense of accomplishment,” she says. “At that point I told myself, ‘If you made it this far, you can surely finish!’”

Part of the check-in is also taking into consideration what you most enjoy and are likely to stay committed to. For example, if a group environment gives you the workout motivation you need, a trainer will incorporate more group exercise classes or GOLD’S STUDIO© options into your new plan.

Nutrition adjustments might be a key to your success

There’s no way to out-exercise poor eating choices, Johnson says.

“If you’re working hard, lifting weights and doing cardio, and not seeing progress, it has to be because of what you’re eating,” he says. Trainers can provide general information from accredited sources; you can also find food and nutrition tips on our blog.

With a modified fitness plan and nutrition tips from your check-in, you can get back on track to seeing results.

“As long as you’re armed with the right way to go forward, you’re not going to plateau,” Johnson says.


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