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See Yourself in 3D

It takes just 35 seconds to get a comprehensive view of your body’s shape—and your progress. Meet two Gold’s Gym members who saw the difference.

by goldsgym

When Jerica Bornstein, 24, was preparing to take part in the Gold’s Gym Challenge, she had a general exercise plan and knew the changes she wanted to make in her diet. But she didn’t have an idea of exactly what shape her body was in.

She got the answer she needed—and much more—by trying GOLD’S 3D™, a comprehensive three-dimensional body scan and imaging analysis. This high-tech tool enables Gold’s Gym members to understand their fitness starting point, set achievable goals and track their progress.

Unlike a chart or simple look in the mirror, GOLD’S 3D™ scans allow you to see yourself in a new way—and get useful data based on your body’s distinct features and needs.

After receiving a scan at her Gold’s Gym in Austin, Texas, Jerica met with a GOLD’S 3D™ expert, who walked her through the results. They then discussed Jerica’s fitness and nutrition goals. The whole process helped Jerica better grasp what she needed to aim for.

“It’s an incredible way to better understand your body and serves as a measure that could help shape your goals and your plan,” she says. “We see ourselves in clothes very frequently, but doing the scan gets below the surface to help you get an objective starting point for your future goals.”

To Daron Johnson, fitness manager for Gold’s Gym, these scans are a game-changer. “In the past, we’d pinch and use a tape measure, and the numbers got people discouraged,” he says. “Now we can show members what their body looked like before and compare the images every month. It shows them they’re going in the right direction, gives them a new sense of hope and helps them trust the process.”

How it works

The scanning process takes just 35 seconds. After meeting with a Gold’s Gym expert at a participating location, you stand still on a rotating platform, wearing form-fitting compression clothing (hair pulled back, no socks or shoes, no jewelry or watches). The scan takes 600 infrared images of your waist, hips, biceps and more.

GOLD’S 3D™ body scanning technology produces results and measurements in real time. Every scan includes a three-dimensional model and more than 25 pages of information, including body shape analysis, body fat analysis (that also cites national averages for comparison) and a fat loss calculator. Plus, the program will combine and compare previous scans in a way that will allow you, over time, to see your body literally changing before your eyes.

For Jerica, the scan allowed her to pinpoint how much body fat she needed to lose. It also showed her where she distributes her weight, something Jerica found particularly helpful. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she says.

David Kravtiz, a 69-year-old Gold’s Gym member in Missouri who trains with Daron, gets a scan every week.

“I didn’t think once a month was enough,” he says. “If something’s not working, that’s too much of a delay. I wanted the feedback to reinforce what I’m doing, or change, and having that data is invaluable.”

Seeing success

David says he’s on a 20-year plan.

“I want to make it to 90,” he says. “Part of that is putting the work in now for fitness and flexibility to be able to do that and have a good quality of life in those very senior years.”

Once a week, he trains with Daron and gets his GOLD’S 3D™ scan. On the days in between, he follows his fitness and nutrition plan. David had worked out on his own over the years but hadn’t reached his goals. This time, he says, it’s working. And the scan results don’t lie.

“The latest scan showed David had dropped six pounds in 13 days,” Daron says. “The one before that, he’d dropped four inches from his torso. Knowing he’s going to get scanned every week makes him much more accountable.”

While those kinds of changes may be noticeable even without the technology, others may not be as obvious. One scan showed that David’s left bicep is smaller than his right by a significant enough margin that Daron incorporated exercises into the plan to help build it up.

“The depth of information is so interesting,” David says. “I think it’s great. It should be part of everybody’s training.”

And for anyone who may be hesitant to try GOLD’S 3D™, Jerica says there’s nothing to lose.

“Do it regularly, and even if you don’t feel like you look any better, you have an outside source showing you have made progress,” she says. “It’s something objective that can guide your goals and your success.”

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