Priscilla Harris: 2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge Essay

by priscilla

The Gold’s Gym Challenge changed my life unlike any other event. As I was going through an emotional time just losing my mother in April of 2017, I started to gain quickly. I had no motivation for a healthy lifestyle, I would go to the gym here and there but not really work out hard enough because I was too embarrassed or shy to work out around the fit people. Then one day I saw the sign for Gold’s Gym

Challenge 2018 and I knew it was my time. When I saw the poster on the door of the past winners, I said to myself “wish that was me, wait why not me?” I deserve this for myself. I am a single mom, I work full time and this other challenger/friend told me “You will not complete the challenge you have too many obstacles”. I told them “I’ll see you when I finish.” When I took my final photos for this challenge, I went to the gym 88 times completing 164 workouts in 12 weeks. I did not let my obstacles stop me, I did my very best every day. I wanted to take this challenge to push myself outside my comfort zone. I want to inspire other individuals in my situation that we can still accomplish whatever challenge or goals we have in life even when you have tough obstacles in our way.

I got sedated, all four of my wisdom teeth pulled week 9 of this challenge woke up and went to Golds. My friends were laughing at me I could not even talk, but I still showed up and worked hard. There is always a way when you are committed, some days were hard, some days I did not feel like eating healthy or going to the gym but became dedicated to the process and obsessed with getting results. People would ask me how many sets or reps I did, and I would tell I cannot answer that I do not start counting until it hurts. Pain is not permanent; this journey was 20% physical and 80% mental. After losing my mother not even a year ago I was still in pain so instead of sitting around in pain I said I was going to do something with it, I fed off my pain and got up and worked towards my goals. I know when life hits you have to hit back. The days it hurt more I worked more I put in triple the effort.

This challenge showed me what I can do, what I can accomplished if I do not give up weather it was in the gym, at work or in my personal life. I became so dedicated to the gym I knew what days the trainers worked and their schedules because I showed up every day. This challenged gave me more confidence and I started to come out my comfort zone. I did not have a work out partner, nor a trainer and due to my work schedule, I could not attend most classes. I had no one to push me I just woke up every day and grinded. I already knew what would happen if! quit, if! gave up, I wanted to know what would happen if I pushed through the pain, the late nights, the early mornings and being sore day after day. Look up, get up and do not ever give up. This challenged showed me if you work hard, day in and day out you can have whatever you want, it is yours!



2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge overall female winner Priscilla Harris, who started her journey while grieving her mother’s death. Knowing how proud her mom would be is what motivated her to never miss a workout, even when times got tough.