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Healthy Eats: Hacks for National Hamburger Day

Four easy tips for a healthier burger

by goldsgym

National Hamburger Day is May 28th, and grilling season is upon us which means you might be tempted to have a burger at your next cookout. We asked Kritikaa Agnani, a Gold’s Gym registered dietitian, to share all the juicy hamburger hacks you need for a healthier version of the classic summertime favorite.

Hamburgers can be high in calories and saturated fat. By swapping out ingredients or reducing the number of add-ons, you can make your burger a lot friendlier to your waistline and heart health without sacrificing flavor.

Four Hacks for a Healthy Burger:

  1. Swap out the beef for turkey: Replace a beef patty with ground turkey, which is lower in saturated fat. If you really want a beef patty, get beef that’s 93 percent lean.
  2. Load up on veggies: Ditch the bun and put your patty on a bed of greens for a burger salad. If you want to stay traditional, opt for a whole wheat bun instead of a white bun. Your blood sugar will thank you.
  3. Don’t be cheesy: Try cheeses that are low in saturated fat. Cheese is a high-calorie food that is relatively low in nutritional value.
  4. Use this and not that: Skip the bacon and try “tempeh bacon,” which is even more hearty!” says Aganani. Tempeh also has other benefits—it’s high in nutrients such as potassium, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6.

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