Expert HIIT Workouts

by goldsgym

Are you looking for a more exciting alternative to humdrum cardio routines? HIIT, or high intensity interval training, allows you to get a quick workout in and receive the benefits of a boosted metabolism long after your workout is done.

Grab a barbell, treadmill or your closest workout buddy and get ready to try some of our favorite HIIT workouts from Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute member Karina Lisenbee and Senior Content Strategist for, Sean Hyson. Get ready to feel the burn now and enjoy the benefits of the afterburn later!

Karina’s Cardio HIIT Workout

“I love HIIT training for two reasons. One- it’s super time efficient, so you get it done in a short amount of time. It’s the biggest bang for your buck! Two- if you’re like me and you like to eat, the afterburn effect helps burn calories hours after your workout,” says Karina. This workout is perfect for more variety in the gym, as it can be modified to work with any cardio equipment. If you’re not feeling the treadmill, try it out on the elliptical or stationary bike.


First, make sure to warm up for 2 minutes before you start the workout.


After the warm up, bring up your speed. “Kick it up a notch and sprint as fast as you can. The speed will differ from person to person depending on fitness level,” Karina says. “Make sure you can maintain whatever speed you’re working at for 30 to 60 seconds.”

– Sprint 60 seconds

– Side shuffle 30 seconds on each side

– Side shuffle 30 seconds on each side

– Repeat 5x

Finish this workout up with a quick 2-minute cool down.

Sean’s Advanced Kettlebell Workout

Build power and total-body muscle with this quick workout that can also be turned into a partner workout. “We call this workout cardio for guys that hate cardio,” Sean says. “All you need is a kettlebell. Pick a light weight. You’re going to do two exercises alternating back and forth.”

If you have a partner, have them do the swing while you do the snatch, then switch exercises after each set. Add in a quick high five between sets to keep the momentum going!


Alternate the two exercises with rest in between.

– Kettlebell swing (x20)

– Rest 30 seconds

– Single-arm kettlebell snatch (x10 per side)

– Rest 30 seconds

For the snatch, “Hike the kettlebell back between your hips and then power it up overhead,” Sean says. “You want your hips to lock out around the same time that your arm does so the kettlebell swings over to the back of your forearm smoothly.”

Sean’s Intermediate Dumbbell Circuit


Perform the lifts as a circuit, and make sure to use the same weight load for every move. Do all the exercises in sequence and then rest.

– Overhead press (x10)

– Front squat (x10)

– Bent-over row (x10)

– Romanian deadlifts (x10)

– Rest 60 to 90 seconds then repeat.



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