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J-Lo and A-Rod-Inspired Upper Body Workout

Try our Push and Pull Upper Body Workout inspired by one of our favorite fit couples, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

by goldsgym

Power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez kicked off their New Year in a powerful way at Gold’s Gym Venice, which they shared in an inspiring video posted to A-Rod’s Instagram on January 1. Want to incorporate their strength moves into your 2019 workout routine? We asked Gold’s Gym Fitness Expert Andy Coggan to create a J-Lo & A-Rod-inspired upper body workout featuring the “push and pull” exercises that the duo completed.

The exercises:

T-Bar Row
Bench Press
Back Extension
Straight Arm Lat Extension
Seated Lat Pull Down
Machine Decline Chest Press

The workout: 3 sets

T-Bar Row: Primarily lats and biceps

While sitting or leaning against a supported T bar row machine, grasp the handles with a neutral or overhand grip and pull the handles toward your chest until your shoulder blades are as close together as possible.

The goal: 8 reps

Bench Press: Pecs, shoulders, and triceps

Lay down on a flat bench with your feet firmly set on the floor and shoulder blades pulled back into the bench to set your starting position. From this position lift the bar or have a partner hand you the bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. From here lower the bar down to your chest and then reverse the movement back to full extension being sure to keep your elbows at about a 45 degree angle from your torso throughout.

The goal: 8 reps

Back Extension: Lower back, hamstrings, and glutes

Position yourself in a 45 degree back extension machine with the pads about 4-6 inches from your waist. Keep your torso as straight as possible as you bend from the waist as low as possible and then squeeze with your legs and low back to return to the original starting position.

The goal: 15 reps

Straight Arm Lat Extension: Lats, shoulders, triceps

Stand in front of a cable machine with your torso at about 45 degrees. Grab a straight handle from a high cable position and while maintaining your body position and straight arms, pull the handle down toward your thighs until you can’t go any further.

The goal: 10 reps

Seated Lat Pull Down: Lats and biceps

Sitting in a lat pull down machine with a slight lean back, grab the handle slightly wider than shoulder width and pull your elbows straight down while maintaining your torso angle throughout. The handle should come in just below the chin and tough your upper chest before returning to the start.

The goal: 10 reps

Machine Decline Chest Press: Chest, shoulder, and triceps

While seated in a chest press machine position yourself so the handles are at about chest height to begin. Start the movement by fully extending the handles without locking out your elbows and then return to the starting position repeating for reps. Keep your elbows at the same 45 degree angle you used for the bench press.

The goal: 10 reps

Need a motivating soundtrack to go with your workout? Check out our “Uplifting Upper Body Playlist” featuring tracks from J-Lo and A-Rod’s Instagram workout videos here.


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