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Don’t Give Fitness a Holiday. Try These Vacation Workout Tips.

With these pointers and the GOLD’S AMP™ app, you'll be able to stay in shape even when you travel.

by goldsgym

Lee Wratislaw loves to travel. But unlike most vacationers, you won’t find him just lounging in the shade with his feet up. Travel can be demanding, and it’s important to stay in shape so you can enjoy it it — which means finding a way to get your vacation workout in.

Lee makes time to break a sweat while he explores a new destination — and shares how you can customize your fitness plan to be sure you stay in shape while on vacation.
Vacation workout tips from Lee Wratislaw
“Just because I’m traveling doesn’t mean I stop working out or eating healthy,” says Wratislaw, a GOLD’S AMP™ coach. “I set aside time like I would at home doing my regular routine. You can use GOLD’S AMP™ anywhere without any equipment, which is perfect for traveling.”

The digital personal training app features a variety of original workouts from Gold’s Gym coaches, as well as unlimited music across thousands of mixes. See how Wratislaw incorporates the app into his vacation workouts and check out other tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling.

1. Plan the trip around a vacation workout

People who participate in athletic competitions like triathlons or bodybuilding summits may already travel to places where those events are held. Non-competitive folks can apply the same idea to their vacation planning, using the workouts they enjoy as inspiration for the journey they take.

For example, if you like to hike, consider a trip to the Appalachian Trail in the eastern U.S., the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, or the hills of the Scottish Highlands — all considered some of the top hiking destinations in the world. This is a great solution for how to do your travel workout with no equipment. There are plenty of great bodyweight workouts if you’re looking for a full-body workout or just want to relieve some stress.

2. Research amenities before booking

If you’re staying in a hotel, see if it has a fitness center or pool available. You want the facilities to help you stay in shape, so surround yourself with easily accessed workout opportunities. If you’re searching for a vacation rental, check for parks or natural areas nearby. You’re more likely to complete your vacation workouts if these options are convenient to you.

Members may also find a Gold’s Gym location nearby and make use of the Gold’s Gym Travel Pass. It’s good for up to 14 visits per year at all locations, system-wide, that are more than 50 miles away from their home gym location.

If you end up in a place without fitness amenities, GOLD’S AMP™ has your back, Wratislaw says. The app’s non-equipment workouts include outdoor run, outdoor walk, bodyweight and core options. You can use it anywhere, so clear space in your room and time in your schedule to get that workout in.

3. Incorporate exercise into sightseeing

Vacation workouts don’t have to be done in a gym.

“I like to get outside and explore in the fresh air and sunshine,” says Wratislaw. “When I’m in Vegas, I go hiking on the hills and trails outside of the city.”

  • Get your steps in by walking or running to the sites you want to see.
  • Find out if the city has a bike share program you can use.
  • Include a place on the itinerary that encourages activity, such as a park or natural area, or even a famous gym (Gold’s Gym Venice Beach day pass, anyone?).

“Wherever you are, plug in GOLD’S AMP™ and take a guided walk, jog or run to see the area, or listen to a BPM-enhanced (beats per minute) playlist,” says Wratislaw. “It doesn’t feel like work because you’re on vacation having fun.”

And be sure to pack your workout clothes and shoes for your active vacation itinerary.

4. Take fitness-themed tourist photos

Tourists all snap the same photos: “holding” the Tower of Pisa, taking selfies with the presidents on Mount Rushmore, strolling through the crosswalk on Abbey Road.

Make your photo souvenirs truly unique by doing your vacation workouts with a famous landmark in the background.

GOLD’S AMP™ has some real quick, 8- to 10-minute workouts,” Wratislaw says. “You don’t need any equipment. Get those action shots and make it fun.”

A couple of examples you might like to try are “Wrecked Pecs” with Coach Michael and “Total Core” with Coach Dallas. Don’t forget to flex and smile for that photo opp!

5. Meal prep, vacation-style

The last thing you want during an otherwise active, healthy vacation is to derail all that hard work by eating poorly. Keep your good nutrition on track by planning meals and snacks in advance.

  • Pack a cooler of healthful goodies for a long road trip.
  • Search for farmer’s markets and grocery stores near where you’re staying so you can replenish your supply of snacks.
  • Look up the menus for the places you’re planning to eat and choose what you’re going to order before you get there.

Travelers can give into temptations like vending machines and fast food because they’re quick, easy options. This strategy will help you avoid making impulse decisions, regardless of whether you’re on vacation or not.

6. Rest and relax

An active vacation can still be restful and relaxing. Take a meditation break during the day or unwind in the evening with a good stretch.

GOLD’S AMP™ offers a variety of meditation options and sessions to stretch either the full-body or a targeted area. For example, if you’ve been walking or riding a bike all day, a nice stretch to the legs and hips will help keep your muscles from tightening up.

Make time for these calm, quiet moments throughout the day. They will give you energy for your traveling adventures.


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