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Healthy Eats: Lighten Up Your Grilled Cheese

Five tips to make your next grilled cheese sandwich a bit healthier.

by goldsgym

The classic grilled cheese sandwich on average has over 300 calories and is high in saturated fat. But with National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12th, we asked Kritikaa Agnani, Gold’s Gym registered dietitian to provide her five tips on how to make a healthier grilled cheese sandwich.

5 Tips to Make Your Next Grilled Cheese Healthier

1. Start with Whole Wheat Bread
Use whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Whole wheat bread is packed with fiber, vitamin B and minerals.

2. Try A Different Cheese
Use a nonfat or 2% cheese option for your grilled cheese sandwich. In the past few years there have been more and more options for healthier cheese arising. One of them is the Lactose free Go Veggie cheese. Lower in saturated fat and calories, it’s a great option to sub your regular cheese without sacrificing taste.

3. Ditch the Butter
Use olive or avocado oil instead of butter. This is an easy swap that you won’t even notice! If you are a butter fan, try avocado oil butter avocado oil butter, which is solid just like regular butter, yet lower in saturated fat and calories.

4. Use Less
You can always go light on the cheese by just adding 1 slice instead of two. You can save on calories and saturated fats by just using less. Also using mayonnaise outside of a grilled cheese can give it a delicious crispy texture; however, you don’t need much to do the trick. Just a teaspoon of mayonnaise is all you need!

5. Add Veggies
Pair your grilled cheese sandwich with some carrots, cucumbers, or a tomato salad. By incorporating vegetables as your side, you will be adding some fibers and nutrients making it a more balanced meal.


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