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The BFF Workout You and Your Bestie Need To Try

Celebrate National Best Friends Day with the ultimate BFF workout created by celebrity trainer Melissa Alcantara and fitness model Karina Elle

by goldsgym

Melissa Alcantara, celebrity trainer personal trainer, and fitness model Karina Elle designed a foolproof BFF workout to get you and your friends in shape for summer just in time for #NationalBestFriendDay. This workout is designed to be done anywhere, with just your bodyweight, a medicine ball, and your bestie. Plus, this workout is approved by the Gold’s Gym Fitness Academy.

Gold’s BFF Workout:


Try 10-20 yards of each of the following: jog, high skip, lateral shuffle, walking lunge with twist and reach, inchworm and broad jump. Complete two rounds of each before moving to the workout:

Buddy squat and toss with medium ball:

  • Stand a few feet away from your partner, one person will have the med ball held at chest height.
  • Both partners will squat down to below parallel and then come up, the partner with the ball tosses the ball over to their friend and then repeat, alternating who has the ball for a total of 15 reps.
    • Reps: 15
    • Sets: 2
    • Rest: n/a
    • Muscles Involved: Legs, butt, arms and shoulders

Side by side with plank rolling medicine ball back and forth:

  • Set up a couple feet away from each other in plank position (on hands) head to head.
  • Hold the plank for 60 seconds rolling a med ball back and forth and alternating the arm that you catch and return the ball with. Try not to shift your body much as you lift up off your hand to move the ball.
    • Reps: 60 seconds
    • Sets: 2
    • Rest: 30 seconds
    • Muscles Involved: Abs, lower back and hips

Alternating lunge jumps:

  • For this exercise both partners will exercise together to keep the other going and on pace.
  • Starting in a lunge position with each knee at 90 degrees, you will explosively push up out of the lunge, jumping in the air and switching your front foot with your back foot.
  • Drop into a lunge under control and reverse the movement again repeating until 10 reps have completed with each leg.
    • Reps: 10
    • Sets: 2
    • Rest: n/a
    • Muscles Involved: Legs, butt and core

Medicine ball sit up with pass:

  • Lay down with feet facing each other and lower legs interlocked, one partner will start with the ball.
  • Sit up and pass or hand off the ball to your partner, repeat going up and down passing the ball until each partner has passed 15 times.
    • Reps: 15
    • Sets: 2
    • Rest: n/a
    • Muscles Involved: Arms and abs

You go, I go burpees:

  • Alternate performing burpees with your partner – one person cannot go until their friend has completed a full rep.
  • You’re done with a set when each partner has completed 10 reps.
    • Reps: 10 each
    • Sets: 2
    • Rest: 30 seconds
    • Muscles Involved: Full body

Be sure to post a picture of you and your bestie on Instagram using #GoldsBFF and tagging @goldsgym.

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