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Flo Rida Visits Gold’s Gym Waxahachie

by goldsgym

Flo Rida surprised trainers at Gold’s Gym Waxahachie in Texas for a work out class unlike any other. The star joined the staff for nearly two hours, working out alongside them, participating in a meet and greet, and taking photos with fans.

Gold’s Gym was one of the first gyms Flo Rida ever trained at, and so he returned with Celsius – a first of its kind fitness drink, to host a national eight-week contest challenging staffers across the 150 corporate Gold’s Gyms in the United States to see which location could sell the most of the fitness drink, with the Waxahachie location coming out on top.

Flo Rida explained his surprise visit to local media, saying, “In going out here today and working out with everyone here at the gym, I just wanted them to see how it is with me up in person, getting a chance to see that I’m really about working out.”

Sandy Phillips, Gold’s Cycling assistant coach and GGX instructor told local news, “We’re honored to have him here in Waxahachie, in our small little town and to have him show up, just to get this opportunity was a blast.”

Thanks for stopping by and being a part of the Gold’s Gym family, Flo Rida!

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