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Challenge Winners Reveal Their Secrets to Success

Here’s what motivated past Challenge winners during their journeys — and their advice to help you get to the finish line of yours.

by goldsgym

“One more day, one more rep, a little stronger than the day before.”

2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge winner Emily Chavez used this fitness motivation mantra to see all 12 weeks of her journey through. She knows how it can get physically, mentally and emotionally more difficult as the weeks go on.

“The fatigue and pain are fleeting,” Chavez says. “The feelings of pride, self-confidence, self-love and unimaginable accomplishment will be etched in your heart and mind forever.”

One day at a time was David Le’s winning perspective, too.

“Just do today’s workout and eat today’s healthy meals and consider that a challenge won,” he says.

Le also had to fight against comparing himself to others in the gym.

“The best tip I received was that everyone’s too busy with their own workout to have time to judge anyone else,” he says.

Find fitness motivation in your progress

2018 Challenge overall female winner Priscilla Harris used progressively harder moves — and smaller clothes — as part of her fitness motivation.

“When I did something I couldn’t do the week before, or when I bought clothes I couldn’t fit in before, I felt amazing,” Harris says.

As the weeks went on, she also reflected on the beginning of her journey to help her get to the finish line, something she recommends to everyone pursuing their fitness goals.

“Remember why you started,” Harris says. “Commitment is doing something you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in is gone.”

That attitude is shared by 2018 Challenge winner Paul Breitenbach, who completed the 12-week journey together with his wife, Christine.

“We just kept saying, ‘We can do this!’” he says. “You have to not think about quitting and continue the fight. The rewards will overshadow and outweigh any adversity.”

You’ve got this!

Don’t beat yourself up if you are struggling to find your fitness motivation. Turn to your workout buddy for help — they’re ready to push you to reach your maximum potential, Breitenbach says.

“Giving up would be the worst mistake,” says Jessica Wise, another 2018 Challenge winner. “It’s OK to have a bad week. Just get back up and try again.”

The bottom line? Whatever you do, don’t give up.

“I already knew what it felt like to quit,” Harris says. “I wanted to see what would happen if I did not give up. Set a plan and commit to the plan, and you’ll love the outcome.”


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