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When the Journey Gets Tough, Follow These Tips

Our fitness and nutrition experts understand the things that could discourage you from reaching your goals and can help you fight the excuses and keep going.

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Are you tired? Sore? Busy? These are some of the top answers Gold’s Gym experts hear when they ask what discourages people from staying on track with their health and fitness.

Whether you’re pursuing a long-term goal or participating in a 12-week fitness journey like the Gold’s Gym Challenge, there may come a point when your internal dialogue seems filled with more excuses to quit than reasons to keep going.

Our experts have nutrition and fitness motivation tips to remember when those excuses pop up.

“I’m too tired.”

There will be days when you’re going to feel tired or not at your best, especially as you get started on a new routine. That’s OK — adjust the intensity of your program as needed so that even if you dial it back, you are still working toward your goals.

“The most important thing is that you maintain consistency,” says Andy Coggan, a Gold’s Gym fitness expert. “Staying committed will actually give you more energy in the long run.”

“I’m too sore.”

Soreness is usually a good sign, but Coggan says to tell a coach or trainer exactly what you are feeling and where.

“If you need to avoid a certain area that’s feeling overworked, we will help you do that,” he says. “But in many cases, a good warmup will have you feeling ready to go and help you forget about those sore muscles.”

As your body adapts to the training, you won’t feel such extreme soreness. “That’s something to look forward to if you stick with it.”

“I ignored my nutrition and don’t think I can get back on track.”

Following a healthy nutrition plan does not mean you’re going to eat perfectly all the time, says Gold’s Gym Wellness Director Connie Cheng.

“Don’t think about how many times you fall off the horse,” she says. “Think each time about making your next decision a healthy one.”

 “I can’t eat healthy and have a social life at the same time.”

Going out with friends is a huge, tough temptation, Cheng says.

“Treating yourself will not ruin you,” she says. “But remember, the point of a treat is that it happens once in a while.”

When you do go out, Cheng’s advice is to keep at least one facet of nutrition discipline in place. For example, if you’re going to eat richer food, be sure to stick to proper portion size. Or if you’re watching your sugar intake, order an extra side dish instead of dessert.

“When people let every rule go is when they think they’ve failed,” she says.

“I’m too busy.”

Coggan acknowledges that it can be difficult to fit everything in.

“You have responsibilities, and we’ve got to prioritize them,” he says. “Let us take a look at your schedule and help you find a time to work out that will be best for you.”

And if making food is taking up too much of your time, Cheng says to embrace prepared foods — her own secret to nutrition success.

“To be honest, I don’t do much meal prep,” she says. “I buy semi-prepared, ready-to-cook foods and cut up a bunch of veggies so that it never takes me more than 15 minutes to make a meal.”


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