2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge Winner: Emily Chavez

33.5 Pounds and 26 Total Inches Lost | Gold's Gym Clifton, CO

by goldsgym

Why did you sign up for the Gold’s Gym Challenge?
Emily: I wanted to become mentally and physically healthy, and to do so I needed a goal and be held accountable. Knowing I had a certain amount of time to reach my fitness goals gave me a competitive drive.

What’s the best part of completing the Gold’s Gym Challenge?
Emily: Bragging rights of course! In all seriousness, the best part was being able to look myself in the mirror and see what I imagine my two-year-old daughter sees when she looks at me: unconditional love.

What would you tell someone if they asked you why you should join the Gold’s Gym Challenge?
Emily: It will challenge you physically, mentally, emotionally, but in the end, you will be stronger in all these areas. If you give it 100%, I promise you after 12 weeks you will be happier and healthier.

What is your gym mantra?
Emily: One more day one more rep, a little stronger then the day before. Get up and go! You will feel better once you walk into the gym.

Favorite thing to do at the gym?
Emily: I love doing circuit training or super-setting my workouts. Unassisted dips, push-ups and lunges across the gym with the straight bar on my back are a few of my favorite workouts along with Salsa Heat class.

Best fitness (motivational) tip you received?
Emily: Eat, eat, and eat! Eating healthy meals and snacks throughout the day will increase your metabolism and weight loss. Set aside time once a week to meal plan and prep.

Favorite meal:
Emily: Cheat meal – Chinese food.

Fun fact about yourself:
Emily: In college I was able to break three bricks with my forearm.



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